Sunday, July 20, 2008

Toy Story Stories to Toy With...

Just a quickee post to note a couple "wow!" moments I had watching Toy Story (the original) again yesterday. I love watching old movies (1995 does classify as old, right?) with new eyes and catching things. Here are two I caught this time through.

- Credits are rolling by at the beginning and the "Written by" appears with the name Joss Whedon below it! JOSS WHEDON?! As in, Firefly creator and writer Joss Whedon?! A quick check of IMDB reveals that yes indeed Joss' writing brilliance was on display in this masterpiece a full 7 years before Serenity made it's first flight. It also reveals that he wrote Alien: Ressurection, a movie I never saw (come to think of it, I've never seen any of the Alien movies, am I missing anything, anyone?). Now I feel like I need to rent it. Great. Maybe I'll just skip it and make sure and check out his TV show Dollhouse in the fall.

- The other catch was that after the mutant toys give Sid the scare of his pre pubescent life at the end of the film, Woody sing songs the phrase, "We did it, We did it" in a very familiar way. After rattling my brain around for a minute or so, it struck me. Dory uses the exact same sing song exclamation after they avoid the angler fish in Nemo. Only she continues with "No eating her tonight, you're on a di--et." I guess it could have been unknown to Miss DeGeneres and the Pixar crew, but knowing their inclination toward inside jokes I prefer to see it as completely intentional.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phil Vischer (Veggie Guy) has a message for ya'...

Obviously, summer is killing my blogging career (sigh, I had such promise) but I have an idea that might get me back up and running soon (hint, it involves full motion video, now that I am all skinny and all). Until then, I had to post up this video from the soon to launch, the latest project from Phil "Mr. Veggie Tales" Vischer. It's a bit long as it includes a fairly detailed explanation of what they have planned along with some sample programming. The pay as you see fit subscription model sounds perfect for what they are doing, and I'm sure my family will be subscribing from day 1.

Check it out.

Now if I could just come up with the right idea for a show to pitch :)

(Note: if the video won't show above, just go to