Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Checkin' In from Pittsburg

(originally posted Friday, January 26th, 2007)

You get one guess as to what I'm doing in Pittsburg today. Nope, wrong. Nuh-uh, wrong again, and I told you only one guess. Today I find myself at a jewelry convention.

Yeah, you heard me, my wife is a Premiere Designs jeweler and she drag... er.. graciously offered to bring me along. The truth is she loves it and I love that she loves it (and I'm sure that she loves that I love that she loves it.), and it seems to be a great company with a Christian foundation. I'm just not sure I fit in with all these "Jewelry Ladies", I need a shot of testosterone, like, real quick. So I finally started into this season of 24. Yep, that'll do it.

I'm just through the first 2 hours and... YIKES, man, that show goes right for the jugular. eh hem.

So I need to get back to some more Jack Bauer in order to make it through this evenings jewelry session, but I wanted to check in even though I don't have much time (places to go, earrings to see, you know)

Couple quickies:

-If you get a chance check out new artist Jill Parr's stuff, we've been playing the single Reach for a while, and it's now hitting the Top 30. She's a local Michigan gal and the version we are playing with MOC is hot. I'm begging you labels, MORE POP MUSIC, pleeeeaaaassse :)

- If you are a Mythbusters fan, you might want to check this page that lists every myth they have done. It's not a perfect design but it's a great idea and I am completely addicted to that show.

I'll check back Monday and maybe get into my favorite TV of the past year, sounds like fun.

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