Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Guys, Round of 20)...

Well, that's more like it. Though the guys still haven't completely redeemed themselves from last week's atrocity and I still don't think a guy really has a shot this year after what the girls pulled off last week. The good news is that the guys went from having almost all sub-par performances to only having two real clunkers. The bad news is that there were still no real showstoppers and there are probably only 3 guys with even a remote chance of winning this thing. I'll let you figure out which three.


Phil Stacey - “Missing You.” (B)
Just decent that's all, nothing special.

Jared Cotter - “Let’s Get It On.” (B-)
At least it was a performance but still felt forced and honestly not that good vocally, nobody feels like they actually belong on stage.

A.J. Tabaldo - “Feeling Good.” (B+)
At times really good, but overall still something missing.

Sanjaya Malakar - “Stepping Out.” (D)
He is just not good, WHY IS HE ON THE SHOW? Serious mistake, yet he will sail through again... sigh...

Chris Sligh - “Trouble.” (A-)
Sang the song, looked like the stage was his home, and didn't try to make it more than it was.

Nick Pedro - “You Give Me Fever.” (B)
OK voice, Ok song, but still blah.

Blake Lewis - “Virtual Insanity.” (A)
GREAT song choice and I loved the vocal turntable-ism. Blake brings something to Idol they have never had, a true Male pop star, not rock, not country, not soul, not R&B, POP. No one else there could do that song, NOBODY. That means something to me.

Brandon Rogers - “Time After Time.” (C-)
Boring, Poorly sung, bye bye Brandon.

Chris Richardson - “Geek In The Pink.” (B+)
The judges must of had a different mix, cause I could barely hear the vocals, what I heard sounded good but not as good as the judges heard.

Sundance Head - “Mustang Sally.” (A-)
I don't know what to do about Sundance. He strikes me as a great bluesy vocalist that just isn't comfortable being a performer. That was a great performance from someone I think is essentially a non performer. Still good stuff.


The line of the night has to go to Cowell who chirped "...and I like puppies." while Paula was gushing about something or other that had absolutely nothing to do with singing or performing. Unfortunately there are plenty of "I like puppies" voters who will keep in the incredibly awful Sanjaya. Someone please tell me who is voting for this guy? The other one that should go home is Brandon with his completely forgettable performance. For my official predictions I'll go with Brandon and Nick Pedro, both of whom just didn't do anything to get anyone to pick up a phone and vote.

Comments? Questions? Which guys actually have a shot at winning? All feedback welcome below :)

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