Monday, March 12, 2007

A Dice by any other name...

I've been fortunate. I had a nickname from childhood that not only stuck, but I kind of like, "Dice". It comes honestly from my last name, the very rare "Dicer" (prize for anyone that can find more than 30 Dicers worldwide, I'll even give you the immediate 6 in my house.) But then something terrible happened around 8th grade, some unknown comic named Andrew Clay Silverstien decided to drop the Silverstien and as part of his act embody "Dice", a highly racist, homophobic, woman-hating, street-wise, Brooklyn tough guy. Called mostly, "The Diceman", his vulgar comedy all of the sudden had an audience and I was no longer just "Dice", I was "Dice, oh like Andrew Dice Clay" or "Dice, you mean like The Diceman?" NO, NOT THE DICEMAN, JUST DICE, HOW MANY.... Sorry, the pain still cuts deep. Fast forward to the present and the fame of Mr. Clay thankfully came and went quickly and it has only been a recent rarity when someone will try to make the rancid connection, in fact it was much more common (though still rare) to hear Piston forward Antonio McDyess referred to as Dice, then any reference to ADC at all.

And now, this...

Just when I thought my nickname was safe, he's back. Why? Was anyone clamoring for more dirty nursery rhymes? Do we want a closer look at the real man behind the vulgarity, a la "The Ozbournes"? Whatever the case, I'm begging you, please don't watch this show. The last thing I need is for it to be a success.

As a side note, like father like son. Not long after we named our first boy Austin, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the scene, and now he will never escape the Austin 3:16 references.

So who has sullied your fine name/nickname?

Comments? Questions? How many Dicers can you find? All feedback welcome below :)


  1. Oh my goodness...
    Can we say The Police?
    Moulin Rouge?

    Lucky for me, everytime someone meets me the first thing they think of is a prostitute...sweet.

    Hey Friend!
    I read this...and I enjoy hearing your opinions on things...something I've enjoyed since my junior high years. :)

    Have you heard of the group Family Force 5? I'm assuming that if I have then you have...they're my new favorite...I love them.

    Speaking of love, tell Jenn hi for me! I miss you guys!!!!

    Love you!

  2. Do you recall your friends (Bowles to be exact) calling me Autumn Bottom all the time? Now that's traumatic for a teenage girl!

  3. Yes, Roxanne, that's gotta be tough, in fact I think I sang that to you the first day I met you. Consider me part of the problem. Oh and yes, FF5 are amazing, I'm actually hanging with them this weekend before their show with Toby Mac. Anything you want me to ask them?

    Autumn, the rhyming thing is just something everyone has to deal with, so I don't feel too much for you. Your name remains one of the most beautiful girl names available and I can't think of anything that has changed that.

  4. Quit crying. Your first name is Aaron. It doesn't matter how dead his career has been I can't slash will NEVER NEVER Escape it. You think you have it bad? YOU HAVE IT BAD?????? Please... Before your next rant try to take your little brother into consideration.