Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Top 12 Results)...

Interesting Idol last night, Can't say I was too surprised. It's such a flawed voting system, and they know it. What's nice is that it actually brings a bit of drama to what is certain to be an inevitable finale. Was it just me, or did Sanjaya have more of a look of dread on his face than relief when he found out he was sticking around? It's got to be tough on him to know how much people think he doesn't belong there and yet to keep coming back every week. I feel for him, I really do. I imagine it's the same feeling my Indiana friends had this past weekend with the time change, "You mean I have to do this AGAIN?" (Special word of advice, stay out of Indiana if you can for the next few weeks, you have no idea how grumpy daylight savings makes them.)

The Bottom Three: A-

Brandon: Agree
Sanjaya: AGREE!
Phil: I might sub in Chris R. or even Haley for him, but still not a horrible bottom three.

The Ford Commercial: B+

Pretty funny, Sligh's hair was magnificent, and Blake's Breakin' made my day.

The Top 12 performance: B-

Ironically enough, The highlight of this song to me was Brandon's mugging for the camera. He should look into acting. That, and of course Melinda and Lakisha's parts. Have I mentioned yet that they are really good singers?

The Guest Performance: C-

Dianna Ross was amazing back in the day, but that performance seemed like a freak show, and more freak than show at that.

The Elimination: F

And the grade won't change til the Malakar malarky stops. Though I did predict last week that Brandon would go first.

Speaking of which, here's what I wrote in the comments of last week's post:
Here's my opinion on how they should go down:

12. Sanjaya
11. Brandon
10. Chris R.
9. Phil
8. Haley
7. Jordin
6. Chris S.
5. Stephanie
4. Blake
3. Gina
2. Lakisha
1. Melinda

But here is how I think it will go down:

12. Brandon
11. Sanjaya
10. Haley
9. Phil
8. Jordin
7. Chris R.
6. Stephanie
5. Chris S.
4. Lakisha (THE SHOCKER)
3. Gina
2. Blake
1. Melinda
Looking at it now, the only one I'd change is the Jordin elimination, flippin' her and Stephanie. I still think the big shock elimination this year will be either Lakisha or Melinda at the final four, and as the guys start to drop Blake will get stronger and stronger. It could be an interesting season after all.

Comments? Questions? Rank the Top 11? All feedback welcome below :)

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