Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On a Darker Night, a Madder March, and CG Chipmunks...

First off, I saw this article over at Sci-Fi on M. Night's latest movie announcement. It looks like he will be shooting for an R rated thriller this time. I'll withhold complete judgment on this until I find out what he thinks will make it R rated, but I must say it's quite a disappointment to hear. Night has always told great "thriller" stories and I hope this doesn't signify his move towards a more "horror" movie approach. "Lady In the Water" was a big disappointment to a lot of people (me not included), and I hope this isn't some sort of over-reaction to that. Mr. Shymalan has yet to let me down, but this isn't a good first step for me.

In other movie news, you probably heard that Jason Lee (his name is Earl) signed on to play Dave in a new adaptation of "The Chipmunks". After recently wrapping his work on "Underdog", it appears that Jason may be the go to guy in the ever popular "Cartoons that should stay cartoons" genre of movie making. It doesn't help my outlook on Chipmunks that it is being produced by the same people who made "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties" (known in some circle as "Bill Murray Cashes a Paycheck"). With Transformers out this summer, I'm telling you, this is all leading to the inevitable film, "Snork's: That Sinking Feeling"

Also, every year I do a March Madness pool over at espn.com, and I'd love for you to be a part. All you need to do is have an ESPN account (easy and free) and then enter it in my private group, 63 Wrong Answers (password:dicer). Why would you do this? For fun, of course! That is, if you consider it fun to watch you picks steadily drop to the bottom of the pile as you pick wrong upset after wrong upset, or maybe that's just me. Also there is no entry fee, and the winner gets their choice of either the love and admiration of the other contestants or their own stage to blog whatever they like in that Tuesday's Rollin' blog (some restrictions apply). My history in this is to perform much like Romber in Amazing Race:All Stars. Dominate out of the gate and then get completely destroyed. Sign up TODAY, because the games start Thursday.

Comments? Questions? The cartoon you would like to see on the big screen? All feedback welcome below :)

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  1. As long as m.nights movie isn't a Hard R we will be ok.