Monday, March 26, 2007

Workaholic Intervention (Video 3.26.7)...

Work is too important in our culture. For too long we have worshiped workaholism and put way too much emphasis on work ethic. So to help people break free of the bonds of overexertion I've instituted two new weekly features into the blog as simple online time-wasters. Every Monday, I will post a video, and every Friday a game. Something to keep you less productive at work, school, or home, you know, just so you don't work so hard. It's for your own good.

Today's vid features one of my favorite artists (and I used that word with the utmost depth and respect) Mr. Weird Al Yankovic. The man's genius is that he takes topics so human and simple, in this case the dilemma of choosing what to eat in a relationship, and makes it not only really, really funny, but also gives it a sense of absurd gravitas. Not to mention that all the while he is perfectly aping a modern song, R Kelly's "Trapped In the Closet" for this one.

Buckle in, this is a long one, but well worth it. Weird Al's "Trapped In The Drive-Thru".

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