Friday, March 2, 2007

Your turn...

I don't have much time today, but wanted to check in. I've been doing this for about 2 months now and am having a great time venting all my pop culture passion. I would do it even if nobody was checking it out, because I have this incessant need to make my opinions known even if it's just to the paint on the wall. What's amazing to me is that you are reading. I check the stats on the readership every day out of curiosity and it's floored me that you would take the time to come by and see what this crazy Christian has to say about culture and the like. The numbers have been growing steadily and I'm pretty sure if I'm reading them right that more than just my dad (Hey pops!) are dropping by. In fact, I've actually had someone hit the blog from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where ever that is. The point is, I'm realizing people are actually reading this stuff. It's not "Pop Candy" or anything, but it's surprised me none the less.

So here's the question:

Now that I know you are there, what do you want from me? What are you enjoying about the blog, and what do you wish would go away? What topics get you interested, and what topics have I missed? Just drop me a line at pastordice-at-gmail-dot-com or simply leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading "Rollin' with Dice" and if you like it pass the word around :)


  1. More than just your dad reads this. Your sister does too. Give her some credit will you. I've forwarded it on to a few people I thought might find it interesting. I just like geeling connected you even though we are states away. Talk to you later.

  2. Your long lost babysitter reads this as well. I hope that you had a fun weekend with the crew.... I'm really sad that I was not able to be there this time. :-( I hope you guys had an awesome time and were able to enjoy yourselves at least a little with all those crazy boys!! :-) Who won the wii matches?!