Thursday, April 12, 2007

Idol Heights...

In response to a fairly straight forward (read boring) results show last night where the person who performed worst was actually the person who went home (go figure), I have decided today to post on the continuing saga of the transformation of this blog into a resource for those looking to find out how tall the Idol contestants are. As mentioned last week in this space, after an innocent post querying as to the height of one Jordin Sparks, my blog started receiving Google hits from searches looking for the same info. Being the dutiful blogger that I am, I did the tough footwork and found that Jordin is indeed 6 feet tall. I figured that should be the end of that, as now if people searched for her height I had them covered. Case closed. Well,apparently not. By posting that info last week, I inadvertently opened the Google floodgates, and this past week alone have received hundreds of hits a day from the height curious public.

What's the problem, Dice? Wasn't that the point? If people hit you up asking the question, now you have the answer.

True enough, but now half of those hits are from people searching for how tall Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey, Gina Glocksen, etc. Somehow, Rollin' now appears on page 1 on any Google search dealing with Idol contestants and their respective tallness. I am also now aware that by even mentioning this again it furthers the likelihood that searchers will come here looking for their vertical fix. So what's a blogger to do?

Stand up and take responsibility, that's what.

I will not run violently into the night, allowing my lack of knowledge on Idol related altitudes to ruin my fragile blogger psyche. I will fight on. I will persevere. Together we will locate this elusive information and present it for all the world to see. Together we will accomplish a task, few dare to attempt. By the time Idol ends we will have the respective heights of the Top 10 Idol finalists for 2007. Scour the web, use your inside connections, whatever it takes, the world must know the answers they seek.

So if you've found Rollin' with Dice looking for the height of your favorite (or least favorite) Idol, stay tuned, we are committed to finding what you need, and we will be updating this tall tale every week.


Jordin Sparks: 6 ft.
Chris Sligh: 6 ft. 1.5 in.


Sanjaya Malakar
Chris Richardson
Haley Scarnato
Phil Stacey
Lakisha Jones
Gina Glocksen
Blake Lewis
Melinda Doolittle

Grades for the Top 9 results show:

The Bottom Three: B-
The Top 8 Performance: C+
The Ford Commercial: B-
The Guest Performance: D
The Elimination: B+

Updated elimination guess:

7. Lakisha
6. Phil
5. Sanjaya
4. Chris R.
3. Jordin
2. Blake
1. Melinda

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