Thursday, April 5, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Top 9 Results)...

I've come to discover that the results show is not that fun to blog. In fact, it's actually quite depressing this year. I can deal with the Sanjaya thing for what it is, but the past two weeks eliminations have been completely out of order. I'm not saying that either Sligh or even Gina could have won this thing, but come on. To have them both go before Haley, Phil, or even Chris R.? Simply unacceptable. It's a voting process that might get us to the right winner but always gets us their in a surreal way. It's like driving from California to New York via Mexico and Canada. Sure you get to the same place but the trip would be needlessly frustrating. So instead of dwelling on that I'll just hit on a couple things I learned about Jordin this week.

One thing that's cool about doing this blog through blogspot is I can get some pretty detailed analysis of who is visiting the site and how they get here. For instance I can tell that most of my readers link here directly, but I've seen lots of referrals from my myspace page and the station website, and some from my articles that post on cmcentral. Many of my hits, however, come from google or other searches and it's always interesting to see what people searched for that landed them at my little blog. Since I posted this Idol Thoughts blog a couple weeks ago in which I just briefly asked the question about Jordin, "How tall is this girl anyway?" I've received a few hits from people searching things like "Jordin Sparks tall" or "how tall is Jordin Sparks". Well, it's time to set the record straight. If people are going to come to my blog looking for answers, (a sign of the apocalypse if I've ever heard one), well then, I'm gonna have them. So the next time someone does a google search for Jordin's height and it leads them here it will not be in vain.

Jordin Sparks is 6 feet tall (and wears a size 11 shoe).

Whew. I feel useful now. You can read this article for more on how that affects her fashion choices if you so choose.

The other thing I learned about Jordin this week was that her ties to the "Christian Music" industry go back a few years. Check out this blog for some commentary from Smitty (that would be Michael W. Smith for the nickname illiterate) about Jordin. Here are the highlights:

"Two or three years ago my manager stopped by the house with a great young girl named Jordin Sparks. Ironically they stopped by when George Huff, a former IDOL contestant, was at the house. The three of us wound up around the piano and I remember thinking that I was playing and singing with two of the greatest voices I had heard in a long time. And Jordin, like George, had a smile and personality as big and inviting as her voice.

Jordin went on to do two tours with me – CHRISTMASTIME 2005 and CHRISTMASTIME 2006. If you saw either of those shows – you’ll remember her voice and her smile."

So in the Top 10 that makes Sligh, Jordin, Lakisha, and Melinda who all have ties to "Christian Music". Why was it we needed a Christian version of Idol again?

Grades for the Top 9 results show:

The Bottom Three: C
The Ford Commercial: C-
The Guest Performance: B
The Elimination: F-

Updated elimination guess:

8. Chris R. (Yet another shocker)
7. Haley
6. Phil
5. Sanjaya
4. Jordin
3. Lakisha
2. Blake
1. Melinda

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