Friday, April 6, 2007

On Faith, Facts, and Theistic Evolution...

Celebrate always seems like the wrong word for Good Friday, but I guess since we look at it from this side of the resurrection, it fits. It's difficult to really ponder what Jesus went through on that day but sonecessary in understanding the depth of His sacrifice and weight of our mistakes. Each of us come to grips with our creator and His plan in different ways, but I always find the stories ofAtheists who find truth to be the most interesting. No more valuable than anyone else's story, just more compelling to me personally. Maybe, it's because they arrive at a place so far different than they begin. Not sure. Whatever the case, when I saw this article on I knew I had to pass it along and it seemed like a perfect thing to consider on this important weekend.

Why this Scientist Believes in God.

Interesting read, what do you think?


  1. I found the responses from other readers of the article very interesting.

  2. I am taking a break but am at level 30. There have been two that have given me a hard time. I don't remember the numbers.