Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On Michael W. Smith and a river boat...

Howdy one last time from Nashvegas.

Since I didn't get much of a chance to expound yesterday on the events of the day I'll do a quick summary of Monday and Tuesday for you before I head home today.

Monday Lunch - Rocketown Records, Big Trail Brewery, Label guy Lunch

- Learned that New Artist Jake Smith (born and raised in New Orleans) thinks that "the people left behind in Katrina were the stubborn ones" and that "Nashville gumbo just ain't the same as hometown gumbo"
- Swag, Jake Smith CD.
- Rating (A-)

Monday Dinner - EMI CMG Dinner, Some fancy high rise, Label Dinner

- Learned once again how much I hate "fancy food". It's chicken. It's fine as chicken. You don't need to slather on some bitter, nasty sauce just to make it cost 10 dollars more. Charge me the extra 10 and just give me CHICKEN! It's not like I'm paying anyway.
- Learned that Jon and Sherry Rivers' (legendary radio hosts) 3 yr. old daughter calls Toby Mac "my Toby Mac". Thought that was cute until I realized that I do the same thing. Now I must find her so we can put an end to this dispute once and for all.
- Learned that new artist Brit Nicole has an absolutely earth shattering voice (in a good way). That girl can wail. Very impressed.
- Learned that when you set inches from the presenting area your shoulder becomes an automatic support spot for passing artists. My shoulder sleeve now bears the hand sweat of Chris Tomlin, Brit Nicole, Mandisa, Toby Mac, Bethany Dillon, Jon Foreman, and Shaun McDonald.
- Learned that Shaun McDonald's wife went into early labor while he was at the dinner and was heading to the airport afterwards to hurry home to Seattle to be with her and the new baby.
- Learned that Toby is often amused by Christian radio people asking him about his Hip-Hop music. "I couldn't be more pop these days, but I'm the closest thing they know."
- SWAG, none, but I took some of the artists' name card place holders.
- Rating, (B)

Tuesday, Digital Summit, Belmont, non GMA event.

- Learned that Terry McBride is a genius visionary who seems to understand the new digital culture and how to battle online piracy, that is by understanding the needs and desires of the consumer.
- Learned that I should never count on a "boxed lunch" to be something I would even consider eating.
- SWAG, tons, dvd, cds, notebooks, bag, etc.
- Rating (A)

Tuesday Dinner, PLG Dinner, General Jackson Cruise ship, Label Dinner.

- Learned that Bingo can be fun in small doses, but becomes mind numbing quickly.
- Learned that Brian Litrell was a former Backstreet Boy, which for some reason made me want to run up to him tell him I was his biggest fan and then sing NKOTB songs and see if he would snap. "WHOA-O-O-O-O, I'm Hangin' Tough... "
- Learned that Michael W. Smith speaks for his "good friend" the President. I guess that makes him like George's Pope. They do after all share their middle initial.
- Learned that eating on a moving riverboat while listening to Casting Crowns, Monk & Neagle, and MWS play live can make you a bit light headed. Or maybe it was more of that ridiculous fancy food I had to eat.
-SWAG, DVD/CD, picture frame, bingo sheets.
- Rating, (A-)

30 minute time limit has expired, I'll try and post some pics tomorrow.


  1. I'm afraid this is a little off topic, but i was wondering if you might possibly be able to post "The Point" either on, or here on your blog. I don't always get to hear it live, and i love to get deeper into the music and learn more about what the artist's intent was. Right now I am into "The Last Night" by Skillet. Thanks a ton!

  2. Hi! I made a new Michael W. Smith blog (haha) and I intend to make it the most up to date blog about the band. Come and visit.
    Leave a comment so I can link to you.