Tuesday, May 1, 2007

10 Summer Movies for 2007...

I am strange. Not that this is news to you, but here is yet another way that I differ from most. I did not step foot into a movie theater until my 21st birthday. Why? Well, maybe I knew that alcohol was never something I would be interested in, so I picked something else to hold off on until I was 21, and could watch responsibly. Or maybe it was that I'd heard it was best if you saved yourself 'til after marriage and knew that our relationship would be so much better if I experienced my first movie within the commitment of marriage. To this day the only woman I have ever gone to the movies with is my wife. Or maybe the real reason is just so boring (respect for parents' and church's convictions) and uninspiring that I have to make things up to get more hits on my blog. Whatever the case, when I stepped into that theater in May of 1996 to see Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton fight tornadoes, flying cows, and a post Princess Bride Cary Elwes, little did I know the impact it would have on my life.

I was instantly addicted.

The size of the screen, the encompassing sound. Seeing ID4 a couple months later only sealed it, movies were my city of residence and summer was the good side of town. Since then I've instituted some movie rules to make sure I don't spend our life savings at the local multiplex.

Rule #1: Only larger than life movies need apply. If I can watch it on my TV without losing any of the experience then I will Netflix it when I get the chance.

Rule #2: Rated R for Rental. Gives more time for good friends to let me know what they think, and becomes a simple way to eliminate a few films from my wish list.

Rule #3: Maximum 15 movies for the year, 10 for the summer.

And this is where I find myself every May, picking my 10 for the summer. Without further ado, in descending order of anticipation, my "Summer 10" for 2007.

10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, June 15th

I liked the original F4 more than most, and I'm pleasantly surprised that they went ahead with a sequel. Again, I think it helps me having absolutely zero knowledge of the comics, because I'm not as tied to the comparisons. All I know is that these are cool characters with some cool superpowers, and I look forward to seeing this one.

9. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, July 13th

I'm still not a full fledged Potter fanatic, but I have enjoyed these movies quite a bit over the last few years. I'm a sucker for cool effects and film tricks and these are usually full of them, can't wait to see what happens next.

8. Ocean's 13, June 8th

Ocean's 11 remains a shining example of how character, chemistry, and plot can combine towards movie bliss. Ocean's 12 remains a movie I never want to see again. Clooney is entitling this one "Oceans: The one we should have made last time" so I'm holding out hope.

7. The Bourne Ultimatum, August 3rd

I absolutely love these movies, and it's a rare occasion of a film coming out of nowhere to spurn a successful franchise. These movies have out Bonded Bond in the past years, even leading the Bond series to craft a Bond that is more Bourne than classic Bond in Daniel Craig. Who would have thought that Matt Damon would be the next great action hero? (or that he would be the only actor on my list twice?)

6. Evan Almighty, June 22nd

If anyone can break the "Jim Carrey sequels without Jim Carrey" curse it's Steve Carell. I am absolutely intrigued by this movies literal look at a modern day Noah, and by it's faith based marketing. Down at GMA I saw more poster with Carell's face on them than Toby Mac's, Steven Curtis's, and Michael W.'s faces combined and that's saying something. Can't wait to see what happens when "The Office" meets "The Pentateuch"

5. Transformers, July 4th

This one is right down my cultural alley. Like all children of the 80s I begged for Star Scream and Optimus growing up and made "the changing sound" often and without provoking. Having said that, I'm surprised at how little my hype meter registers this one. I guess they have to prove it to me, but I like what I've seen so far, and I like that they are approaching it with a sense of truth and gravitas.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, May 25th

My birthday movie this year. Looking forward mostly to Depp's performance, but I thought Pirates 2 was an absolute mess. It was way too drawn out and incomplete. I said it with the Matrix sequels and I'll say it again. If you are going to make continuation movies, MAKE COMPLETE MOVIES. Lord of the Rings did this better than anyone, each movie is part of the whole, but stands on it's own in plot and substance. Matrix 2 and 3 should have been one movie and so probably should the Pirates sequels. But there is too much treasure to be had to make it so. Still should be fun.

3. The Simpsons Movie, July 27th

This could be amazing or just as likely awful. The Simpsons are approaching their 400th episode this season and if there is one thing that has stayed consistent through that 12,000 minutes of television (a week straight of non stop watching to get through them all) it's that they hit and miss. But mostly hit, and when it does hit it hits hard. I'm giddy to see what they can pull off on the big screen even knowing I might walk out disappointed.

2. Ratatouille, June 29th

Pixar has yet to make a bad movie, and I don't expect them to start this summer, especially with Brad Bird leading the charge (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant).

1. Spider-Man 3, May 4th

Did you know that there are only 5 movies in the history of film that made more than 400 million dollars in their first run, and that 3 of those 5 have sequels out this summer? Of those three (Pirates and Shrek are the other two) I have to say that it's Spidey that gets me the most geeked. If 3 is as much better than 2 than 2 was of 1 it will be completely unstoppable. The good news is that I only have a couple more days to wait on this one. The bad news is I still have a couple days to wait on this one. Must... watch... now.....


Movies you might see on other people's list that I have zero interest in:

Shrek the Third, May 18th
Knocked Up, June 1st
Hostel: Part 2, June 8th
Live Free or Die Hard, June 27th
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, July 20th

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  1. A couple of my thoughts.

    10: "Just because you came into the super hero world late does not make everything super hero great." - stan lee

    9: Have you read the books? I doubt it. Order of the phoenix? More like BordeM of the phoenix.

    8: I think I've seen this one. It was called oceans 11.

    7: 100% correct.

    6: I'll wait till its on tbs right after bruce almighty.

    5: M.A.S.K.

    4: ... boring

    3: We see barts boy parts? Seriously? hmmmm.

    2: Didn't like cars. Don't like this one.

    1: I'll let you know how I feel after tomorrow night. Should I call you or you call me.