Thursday, May 24, 2007

Idol Thoughts (Finale Finale)...

Not much left to say about Idol, but since today is my last chance to do an Idol Thoughts blog, I'm milking this cow 'til the udder is shriveled dry. I pretty much summed up my thoughts on Jordin and Blake and Jordin winning yesterday, knowing it was inevitable. But if one thing perfectly sums up why Blake will be the eventual winner of this season, it's was his beat-boxing duet with Doug E. Fresh. By far the best performance of the night, Blake was given a chance to shine in his element and proved that he is a superstar. Other moments I thoroughly enjoyed from the finale.

The African Children's Choir - There is just this crazy joyful energy that comes from these kids and if you don't smile watching them sing and dance you are either dead or asleep, for your sake let's hope asleep.

Melinda with BeBe and CeCe - What, is it CCM rewind week on Idol? Scott Krippayne last night and BeBe and CeCe tonight? I half expected Carman to come out and join Blake for a version of "Addicted to Jesus".

The White Out - There is just something amusing to me about an entire cast wearing completely white clothing. I can't even put my finger on it, but it made me giggle.

The Best Duo Award - We all knew who the winners would be and that Bush Baby thing just never gets old, but the best part of this award was the Seacrest/Cowell piece in the nominations.

When my DVR shutdown - Just before they announced the winner. It was anticlimactic anyhow. Everyone knew Jordin would win. Rumor is that Blake even wanted to wear a "Vote for Jordin" T-Shirt, but wasn't allowed.

One more list before we close the chapter on this season of American Idol.

The Top 5 Idol performances of the season:

T5. Phil Stacey - "This is Where the Blacktop Ends" (Top 7)
T5. Jordin Sparks - "Broken Wings" (Top 7)
4. Blake - "Virtual Insanity" (Round of 20)
3. Melinda - "I'm a Woman" (Round of 16)
2. Lakisha - "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" (Round of 24)
1. Blake - "You Give Love a Bad Name" (Top 6)


  1. What no Sanjaya in your top 5 performanes of the season :-)
    The best thing about his perfomance last night was the guitar solo.

  2. You weren't the only one who suffered from the DVR cutoff. I guess that's what happens when live shows run long. It left us feeling like we had wasted all that time watching the filler and nothing gained. Very frustrating.

  3. The DVR problem was universal. We too felt the pain of missing the final moments.

    In other thoughts, is it really necessary to do the show live, when everyone is TiVo-ing it anyway?