Thursday, May 3, 2007

On a Puck, a Pod, and a Prop letter...

Before I get into the things I wanted to hit this morning I have to once again give the Lost guys huge propers for Locke centric episode last night. Another absolutely incredible masterpiece of television. I feel sorry for those who abandoned this show this year, it really feels like it's catching it's stride. Can't wait to see the final 3 episodes. In other Television watching I was pleasantly surprised that all three of the "divas" made the final 4 in Idol. I didn't think that had the slightest chance of happening with them splitting each other's votes. Having said that, you have to believe that Blake is a force to be reckoned with now, not just for the amazing performance this week, but because he is sure to get the lion's share of Phil and Chris voters attention from here on out.

Other stuff...

Hot Wings

If you don't keep up with hockey... Sorry, let me start that again. Since you are a normal human being and don't keep up with hockey, I wanted to give the sport a little love. Last night's Red Wings/Sharks game reminded me of how amazing hockey can be when it works. The Wings were facing a must win playoff game down 2-0 with a minute left in the 2nd. They scored with less than a minute left in period two, and then again with 30 seconds left in the game to tie it. They then won with a sudden death goal in overtime. The thing about hockey is, if it's a close game, there is no sport that matches the intensity. The reason for this is that it has the perfect scoring ratio. Lots of shots taken, very few made. It makes for a crazy edge of the couch experience, and it is the one sport that isn't made better by fast forwarding the DVR (that is of course if you can find it on TV to begin with).


Well my Ebay auction of the XBOX 360 and Guitar Hero game I won ends today at 4 (currently sitting at a very reasonable $335), and I decided to pick up my replacement prize at Best Buy recently, one of the new 80 Gig Ipods with video. I've had a couple days to put it through it's paces and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. I'd been thinking about picking up an actual MP3 player with a screen (I've been doing the Shuffle thing for a few years now) but didn't think there was anything on the market that would fit my entire library of music (over 15,000 songs, 70 gigs worth). Not only does this Ipod fit it, but it does a really nice job of presenting it. You just never know when you will want to hear some Abba followed directly by dctalk's "Heavenbound". It also plays my movies, holds my pictures, and even organizes my calendar and contacts. Oh and did I mention how cool my shadow looks on solid pastel colored walls now? Apple leads the MP3 industry for a reason, style and simplicity, and now I know it firsthand.

Leave it to the Propguy

Finally today, you must check out this story on an old prop letter from "Leave it to Beaver" that 50 years later is just being appreciated in all it's glory. I wonder if the writer is ever thought that someday there would be the technology to pause and read all that he had written. It's worth a quick read if for no other reason than the silly smile it's bound to put on your face (Unless you already have a silly smile on your face, at which point just read it cause it's hilarious).

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