Thursday, May 10, 2007

On Talented Teens and Tremendous Television...

I will no longer be imploring you to watch Lost, rather, I will be pitying you if you don't. If you haven't caught up with what is becoming the greatest TV show of all time, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It's unfortunate that you missed it, and I'm not sure how you will ever carry on a normal life without it. Last night's episode was another absolute brain bending, question answering, character developing masterpiece. I haven't seen a streak of this many amazing episodes in a row since season 3 of X-Files, or season 6 of The Simpsons.

Whew, I'm all hyperbolied out.

Just a head's up, the reason for the late post today (and likely tomorrow) is that I am once again on assignment in the far corners of the earth. OK, fine, I'm just south of Chicago, but finding workable wifi seems to always be an effort. This weekend finds me running some events for a denominational (that's church speak for the group of Jesus freaks who think the most like I do) youth talent event. Basically, teens from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin all come together to showtheir God given abilities in everything from sports to singing, chess to table tennis, or video games to video editing. Those last two encompass two of my three responsibilities for the weekend. To judge and offer constructive criticism on the video editing and to run the video game tournament. My other responsibility is to run a 3 hour program called "Nazarene Idol" (Nazarene being the aforementioned denomination) where I get to play my own version of Ryan Seacrest (that being a much taller, bigger, and less metro-sexual version), and see the best talent the weekend has to offer and pick a winner to perform at the main service for all 2000+ people here. Maybe for tomorrow's blog all do a little version of Idol Thoughts for "Nazarene Idol". Just so you can get an idea of what goes on. It's always an interesting combination of the surreal and the stupendous.

See ya' then!


  1. aw...those were the good ol' days.
    You've probably heard my brother's band by now...pretty sweet, ay? :)
    Have fun...
    I love LOST.

  2. Nazarene Idol was awesome to see indeed...