Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On the Golden Rule in Elementary School and on Network TV...

Crazy, busy week going on, so just a quickie today, but a couple amazing things none the less.

I can't believe I'm about to type this but....


If this pans out it will be not only a huge victory for fans of the show, but also an amazing commitment to pleasing the viewer by CBS. I guess the talk is to bring it back mid season next year for about 8 episodes to wrap things up and give some closure which is exactly what I asked for in my post just a few weeks ago. You can check out the report here and keep your fingers crossed.

Amazingly enough the second thing today is even more important than the first (to me that is). My son Justin got the "Golden Rule" award for his Kindergarten class at school today at graduation. It is an award each teacher gives to one male and one female student for best living out what the golden rule stands for. His teacher raved about Justin's consideration for his fellow students in front of the entire class and parents who had come. I'm still beaming :) It was also cool to hear that 3 of his classmates listed their "favorite thing about kindergarten" as "being friends with Justin" I realize my emotion in this may seem a bit over the top, but never underestimate a proud papa.

See ya' tomorrow with some mini DVD reviews.


  1. Wow the moment you had (with your son) was absolutely priceless!


  2. To quote Uncle Funny Guy, "Who wouldn't want to be friends with Justin?"