Friday, July 20, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

I was trying to go a full month without posting, you know, as a sabbatical or something, but I just couldn't stand that Emo Phillips picture being the first thing people see at my blog for such an extended period of time.

The truth is there has been a lot going on at The Fuse (that's the radio station I work at) this month, and my energies have been drained with the day to day. I'm hoping now I should be able to at least get something up with the crazy consistency I showed for the first half of the year. I'm not sure what it will look like on a weekly basis, but you should still see some Workaholic Intervention, a review here and there and my general talent for over thinking everything in the world around me.



Wii Fit may just be the "game" that officially launches Nintendo into the mainstream more than any video game system ever. If you don't know what it is just do a Google search. Long story short it's the official exercise game (complete with fancy balance board/scale) for the Wii. Amazing.

Ratatouie is one of Pixar's best (third to Nemo and Incredibles, just ahead of Toy Story 2) and may just earn them an Oscar nod. Especially amazing when you consider the degree of difficulty in making a rat in the kitchen a beautiful thing.

I'm absolutely addicted to this game (the name has nothing to do with it, okay maybe a little).

Transformers was like anticipating a great meal only to be let down by a pretty mediocre main course, but then having the dessert show up and be the most amazing thing you have ever tasted.

You must see Deja Vu if you haven't already, Denzel is the man and the movie is smart and engaging.

Other DVDs I Netflixed that were great: Night at the Mueseum and Flags of Our Fathers.

Harry Potter's latest left me completely unimpressed. I guess I realized how little I actually care about these characters. Once you take away the fantastical magic (which was incredible absent for the most part in this one) I just found myself bored.

Glad Joe went home on Big Brother last night, now I can watch without throwing things at my nice plasma.

I've heard the new Die Hard movie is actually good. Can someone actually back this up for me before I spend my hard earned money on it?

Other DVDs I Netflixed that you should avoid at all costs: Flyboys, Blood Diamond, and A Good Year

Fantastic Four 2 is the easiest review ever, it's Fantastic Four 1 with a better bad guy.

So You think You Can Dance remains one of the most fun and amazing shows to watch on TV this summer. And they remain committed to actually finding the best dancer, and not just puting on a "water cooler" show (I'm talking to you American Idol and America's Got Talent).

Other DVDs I Netflixed that were surprisingly kinda good: Pride, Ghost Rider, and Music and Lyrics.

The second X Files movie should be out next summer. David, Gillian, and writer/director Chris Carter are all on board. Color me pumped.

Other DVDs I Netflixed that deserve a full review: Bridge to Terebithia, Letters From Iwo Jima, and Little Miss Sunshine.

Can't believe the lack of Emmy nods for Lost yesterday, though it's nice to see Heroes get some love.


Whew, I guess that's what happens when you let things build up over a few weeks. The same thing happens when I go camping for a couple days and don't want to use the camper restroom, but that would be both a disgusting and inappropriate analogy to use here so forget I mentioned it. Anyhow, catch you Monday.

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  1. Good to see you back man...
    i've been meaning to email you or something to see how you've been...

    hope all's well with the radio station...

    on topic: my boys and i liked Ratatouille quite a bit - we went opening day...

    peace... love... bdg...