Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Freespin: The JJ Abrams Edition...

I'm heading down to Nashville today, but wanted to touch on some recent news before I took off all of which is directly related to Mr. Genius of the moment J.J. Abrams.

The Mystery Machine

The poster to the right is the latest tease from JJ about his new movie project. The date 1.18.08 has been the only clue to what is going on here and I am assuming that it refers to the date when the movie will debut. No title has been announced (Cloverfield is the working fake title, and then Monstrous was mistakenly assumed) but an amazing teaser trailer before Transformers and now this poster have gotten me very excited. Word is that J.J. wanted to bring back the art of the monster movie that died when Matthew Broderick took on Godzilla a few years back. He is being pretty tight lipped, but I am extremely intrigued by this whole thing.

Lost and Found

Some great new info on Lost from Comic Con this week says that Season 4 will feature both flash backs and flash forwards, include an entire episode of Jack and Kate off the island, and tell the story of Hurley's gal Libby. It will also see the return of Michael, which the writers insist has always been the plan (and I believe them). The best show on TV returns in only 5 more months!

Heroes and Villains

Finally it was just announced that bad guy Sylar from Heroes (Actor Zach Quinto, an awesome name by the way) has been cast as good guy Spock in JJ's upcoming Star Trek movie. Visually it's a perfect choice. Putting young Nimoy next to Quinto shows a stunning similarity. With Abrams directing and this kind of casting, I'm actually finding myself getting excited about a Star Trek movie... weird.

I'm not sure of the internet situation for the next week, but I will attempt to touch base Monday.

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