Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall TV Preview, Wednesday...

After 2 days I'm already at 8 hours of TV out of an eventual 21, the quick math will tell you that if I keep this up, I'll have to cut about 7 hours of TV by the end of the week. The good news is that Saturday is coming and I'd rather watch tumbleweed blow through an old west town than any of the leftovers networks throw up Saturday night (Throwing up leftovers. Never a good thing.)

With Lost out 'til January, anything on Wednesday worth watching?


Midweek TV is all about the new stuff this year. I've already talked last week about how excited I am for Pushing Daisies, and how torn I am on Kid Nation (of which I will only be able to watch half) and Back to You. Bionic Woman rounds out the newbies on Wednesday that will get the chance to live on my DVR. What's funny is I don't plan on watching what will likely be the biggest new show on Wednesday, the Grey's spin off, Private Practice. Never got into Grey's Anatomy don't plan to start now with the sequel. Also of note is that Wednesday holds the most depressing show on TV, CSI:NY. How can you miss when you combine the proven genius of the CSI format with New York City and the amazing Gary Sinise? By making it completely dark, dreary, and dreadful, that's how.

The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Pushing Daisies
CBS - Kid Nation
CW - America's Next Top Model
Fox - Back to You
NBC - Deal or No Deal


CBS - Kid Nation (2nd half of show)
Fox - Til Death


ABC - Private Practice
CBS - Criminal Minds
CW - Gossip Girls
Fox - Kitchen Nightmares
NBC - Bionic Woman


ABC - Dirty, Sexy, Money
NBC - Life

Wednesday's Total: Two 1 hour dramas, one half hour sit-com,
one half hour Reality, 3 hours

Overall Total: Eight 1 hour dramas, Three half hour sit-coms, One and a half 1 hour Reality, 11 hours

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