Monday, August 27, 2007

Radio Insider: Another Mystery Trip, New York City

Here we go again!

Got the heads up that I will be flying out tomorrow for another label thing, this one in NYC. This one is a complete mystery, but I'll try to avoid any more arcade injuries. I'll be there through Wednesday night so expect the full details Thursday.

Like I said earlier this summer, usually these kind of things only happen about once a year and take place in Nashville. So to have two this summer both not in Nashville is pretty cool.

I'll take my bite out of the big apple and let you know what it tastes like when I get back.

Until then, you can read the highlights of my last such excursion here.


  1. It tastes like HOT DOGS!!!! SOO WEIRD! POSH! Olivia

  2. So I guess this means you won't be able to attend your niece's birthday party? Maybe you should take her mother with you in order to make ammends.