Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On Being on Wynonna's Christmas Card List and Binge Drinking Elephants...

I got my first Christmas card of the season today. I'm not so much surprised that it came so soon as I am who sent it to me. Today I received a Christmas card from Wynonna Judd. OK, fine, I'm in radio, but Wynonna Judd?! And this wasn't one of those prefab printed kind either, It's a full-on personally signed with a handwritten note Christmas card from a Judd. Sometimes my life just weirds me out. By the way, does this mean I'm supposed to send one back? I'm not completely up on my Christmas cards from B list celebrities who I have no personal or professional contact with protocol.

Let's roll...


I love it when new game shows hit prime time. Every since "Millionaire" hit 7 years ago I have established a tried and true habit with them; watch them like they are the best thing to ever hit TV for about 10 episodes and then never watch them again. This article highlights what is sure to be the next big game show idea and it has me extremely intrigued. Whoever finds a genuine way to involve every viewer in the game with the possibility of winning real prizes will have a guaranteed hit on their hands. (10 points to anyone who can name 5 other prime time game shows I fell in love with and quickly discarded.)


HBO is filming a movie about the 2000 election and recount. I know it was only 7 years ago but it seems like a lifetime. Is it a result of 9/11 that everything before then feels so ancient. I do, however, remember vividly sitting up all night and watching the returns come in and watching Florida turn red then blue then red then nothing. It was a surreal experience as was the several weeks that followed. An even handed look at this event on film would be incredible. Now, as to whether or not that's what this will be is still to be seen.


Jekob and Rachael Washington have a new album out today as "The Washington Projects". You may or may not remember this brother and sister from a group called "Souljahz" A group whose debut album (and eventual only album) was a wonderful genre blending ride. If the sibs can pull off the type of music they did with Souljahz I can't wait to hear it.


Check out my other blog, thediceisright.com (a likely landing place for anytime I feel like doing more of an article style post), for a review of my favorite new Wii game "Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure". You can also check my review out at HollywoodJesus.com as I will be doing stuff for them occasionally as well.


Winning the "Ya THINK?!" award for the day is this article on screen violence affecting young viewers. Something about it leading to greater levels of aggressive behaviors later in life. This should not be news. Children are designed to be sponges, it's how they learn crucial life skills so quickly. They take their environment and make it part of themselves (a process that dies down as adolescence begins). As a parent it is my goal to shelter my kids and then teach my teens how to think for themselves. It blows my mind that anyone would be surprised that watching violence (or experiencing it) as a child would have ramifications later in life.


This has to be a joke right? I mean mega props to Hilton if this is true, to bring light to the plight of binge drinking elephants in India (more so to the people whose lives and property they destroy), but am I the only one who sees the Irony in the headline "Hilton looks to stop Elephant Binge Drinking Problem"? That's a joke headline, to think it's a real story is simple astounding.


  1. Deal or No Deal, 100, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Power of 10, Don't Forget the Lyrics.
    Just my guesses. And just wondering, do you play any of Judd's music? Don't think I have heard any lately.

  2. I want to change my answers ... Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, $100,000 Pyramid, Let's Make a Deal and Press Your Luck.

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