Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome to the Show...

Welcome to the new Rollin'!

Each weekday this blog will contain links and thoughts from my afternoon radio show on 101.7 The Fuse. I'll still be overthinking everything from pop culture to faith culture just more specifically related to what we cover on the show and also in new Rollin' with Dice fashion.

Most Dice have six sides and I am no different, we will run down the pips from 1 to 6 each covering a different side of my life and interests.


Check out the new trailer for a film called "What Would Jesus Buy?" It's produced by Morgan Spurlock (the guy who almost killed himself with Mcfood in "Super Size Me") and though it looks like it takes some jabs at Christianity, it seems to make the point that some Christians have been making for years (while still buying our Jesufied apparel albeit) which is that Christ and consumerism do not mix well. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. Also note the font used for the title text on the poster, look familiar?


The writers strike heads into day three and it looks like it's getting nastier and nastier. It may be just a few weeks before everything on TV is in reruns except for Reality Shows. Is it just me or is it funny to see these famous actors picketing? And if these are our best writers shouldn't we all be lining up to see what funny things they have written on their signs? Honestly though, it may seem easy to make fun of rich people fighting rich people about the percentage and division of their relative richness, but it's all fun and games until I miss an episode of Lost. For a great rundown of your specific shows and how the strike will affect them hit this link


Radiohead recently put their album online and offered fans the freedom to pay "whatever they want" for it. Well, the results are in and turns out 62% of them didn't really care to pay at all. Of the 38 percent who did pay the average amount was around $6. In America only 60% took the album for free and the average price for the other 40 was $8 something. When you really think about this it's actually pretty amazing that anyone paid anything at all. Remember it was perfectly legal for these people to pay nothing and take the album, yet still almost 40% of people decided to pay anyway. For someone who works at a "pay whatever you want" radio station (ie listener supported) this is encouraging news.


The XBox 360 beat Nintendo to the punch today in releasing something that I can't believe the Wii didn't come with to start out, an automatic parental timer. As a parent of four boys who all get 45 minutes of game time it's a chore to constantly reset timers and keep track. Now parents can make sure little Timmy doesn't play more than his alloted 30 minutes of Bioshock or Grand Theft Auto.

Faith/General Culture

Russel Crowe recently expressed interest in being baptized. His reason? "If I believe it is important to baptize my kids, why not me?" He plans to do it at the chapel he built at his house (what you don't have one?) My curiosity is killing me on this one. I would love to pick his brain about what it would mean to him and what his beliefs are. It's easy (and even appropriate) to find flaw in the nebulous spiritualism many celebrities play with. But seeking truth and faith is always a great thing and the true seeker will find. Here's to hoping Mr. Crowe is on the right track and that what he does that day, will truly echo in eternity.


Ever just wish someone in Portugal would dedicate a blog to finding the ugliest picture of Mickey Mouse? Well, today is your day. Welcome to Ugly Mickey.

See ya' tomorrow


  1. Our we completely sure the strike is even affecting anything? I've watched heroes every week yet it seems they are cycling through last years plot. This last monday was the first episode even worth somewhat watching. Save the cheerleader save the world... again. Writers... psh.

  2. Great point. I'd much rather be watching repeats of season 1 than this mish mash. Though you are right, it did get better this week. Hopefully it will take the Lost route , which stumbled a bit in the beginning of season 2 then absolutely took off in the second half. I'll put up a link later today on Tim Kring admitting how many mistakes they made this season.