Friday, November 9, 2007

Winona, OJ, Mario, Gary Coleman, the Early 90s Have Returned...

My wife broke up an elementary school fight today. She was driving the boys home from school and saw one of Austin's classmates getting pushed around by a bully group. She got out and took care of bidness. My wife is the sweetest most joyous person I know but if you are out of line, watch out (Remind me to tell you the "ZEKE, DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED!" story someday)

Let's roll...


New episodes of Lost begin Monday. Ok, not new full episodes, but mini webisodes (or mobisodes if you will). You know, those shortened things that shows will put online to get you back interested. This may actually be the only new Lost we get to see for a while if the writers strike continues, so enjoy them. With 24 already postponed indefinitely I'm afraid Locke and Hurley may be next. The good news is that these little morsels will include the main cast and should be worth seeking out, the bad news is that I'd much rather watch Lost on my big screen than my small one. Come on writers and studio heads, can't we all just get along?


The Trek casting continues today with the announcement that Winona Ryder will be playing Sylar's er.. Spock's mom. I trust you JJ, I really do, but Winona Ryder? I guess she was ok in the most underrated Adam Sandler comedy of all time, Mr. Deeds (OK the only underrated Sandler comedy ever made) .So if you are keeping track at home here's the score:

Kirk - The hunk from Princess Diaries 2

Spock - Sylar from Heroes

Bones - Eomer from Lord of the Rings

Sulu - Harold from the Harold and Kumar movies (I cant believe that word is plural)

Scotty - Zombie killer from Shaun of the Dead

Villian - The Incedible Hulk

Curiouser and curiouser.


The Christmas music is coming hard and heavy into the Fuse this week. Some cool Holiday stuff from Relient K, Jars, and many more. Here's the question, when do you think we should start playing it? Traditionally we have started a few songs after Thanksgiving and worked up to all Christmas music on Christmas Eve and Day. Thoughts?


4 more days! 4 MORE DAYS!

Faith/General Culture

Continuing our trip into the early nineties, the OJ Simpson trial (season 3) is underway. Is it just me or does simply the phrase "OJ Simpson Trial" send you running to the store for a length of rope and a sturdy beam? The original Simpson verdict is one of only 3 "Where were you when it happened" moments of my life (10 points to anyone who can name the other 2) so it's weird to see him back in court. I get the sense that he and Mike Tyson get together every year to plan there weird and outlandish actions. How great would a Tyson Simpson sitcom be? Seriuosly.


Ever wanted a game cube that was previously owned by Gary Coleman? Act today because tomorrow it will be gone. Seriously, why buy a new one for $99 when you can get one signed by Arnold for somewhere north of $500?


  1. I'm going to say the Challenger eplosion and the Reagen assassination attempt. I'm not sure about the second one, but I'm pretty confident about the first.

  2. Ding, Ding, Ding. A full 10 points for you!

  3. What about 9/11? Doesn't that trump the OJ verdict? Come on...

  4. Indeed. I meant to say my young life. So it's 4 total not 3. Its weird, 9/11 was so impacting that it somehow transcended the "Where were you when" category. But it certainly qualifies.

  5. I think there are more than those 4 moments to remember:
    - Where were you when J.R. was shot?
    - Where were you when you found out Milli Vanilli was/were lip-syncing?
    - Where were you when Dan Quayle discovered that the media couldn't spell potatoe/potato?
    - Where were you when Buckwheat was shot on S.N.L.?
    - Where were you when you saw E.T.? (although I guess the theater is the most probable answer.)
    - Where were you the day you learned that eating a case of apples will cleanse the colon?

    Just to name a few . . .

  6. In order:

    - I didn't realize Jack the Ripper was shot or that he went be his initials.

    - Don't remember. (Blame it on the brain, if you will).

    - trying to find a dictionary.

    - Wait, what?

    - Haven't seen it to this day. (really).

    - sitting here five minutes ago.