Thursday, December 20, 2007

On Duels and Clashes...

Bonus post today since I meant to post the Pixar thing yesterday. I had to talk a little about the two shows that have been debuting this week to decent numbers. Duel and Clash of the Choirs. I've watched both all week and would recommend checking in to either the rest of the week even if you haven't been watching (Clash is over tonight, Duel continues through Sunday).

Duel is a cool new spin on the classic game show. I love that it's tournament style, and that there is some extra strategy involved in the gameplay. This means that there is more to it than getting the answers right, you have to play the game correctly to continue to advance. The downside is that I'm already getting a little bored with it, but this is my pattern with game shows. I'll definitely stick with it through Sunday to see how the final round works and who makes it. The show also gets bonus points for choosing "Greeny" (half of the wonderful Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio.) as host.

Clash of the Choirs on the other hand started slow for me and has gotten better. I have to admit I fast forward through almost everything on this show except the singing. And really as far as that is concerned I've only been impressed with two of the 5 original choirs, Nick Lachey's Cincinatti crew and Patti Labelle's group. But the performances of those two choirs have made it all worth watching. In fact, Lachey's choir's A Capella rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee was worth the price of admission all by it's self, with Patti Labelle doing "Over the Rainbow" coming in a close second. I think I'm rooting for Lachey on this one, but will be fine with either of those two winning.

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