Monday, December 10, 2007

On empty Wii shelves and Dicer boy Elves...

Reading "Rollin with Dice" increases your chance of finding a Wii this year by 20%. Little known fact. It also cures insomnia, but that's just a rumor.

Let's roll.


If you are wondering how your favorite shows stand in lieu of the ongoing writer's strike, this is the best site I've found in detailing every show. The network's are being pretty crafty about stretching out the new episodes but our DVR has been eerily silent these last few weeks. Good thing HDMovies had a Hi-def Hitchcock marathon (Vertigo looks amazing, by the way).


What a lame Holiday movie season. Usually there are at least 4 or 5 new movies out around Christmas that I am pumped about seeing but this year I'm stretching to name 3, none of which I could say I'm "geeked" about. This includes Beowulf that has already come and gone. Now I'm just left with National Treasure 2 and I Am Legend. I guess this is what happens after the greatest summer for movies of all time. If we can stretch the "Holiday" season to January then we can include "Cloverfield" at which point "geeked" becomes an understatement. Speaking of geeked, this winter has me already looking towards summer 08 which among many reasons to get excited you have this specific one:

Can't.... form... words..... brain.... shorting... out...


If you know me you know I live most of my life sprouting headphones from my collar. Since I found an Ipod that had enough space to hold my entire 15,000+ song music collection plus movies, TV Shows, pictures, etc. I haven't gone anywhere without it. In fact, it's likely a factual statement to say that I am wearing my headphones more often than I am wearing pants, especially in the summer. Uh.... The point is, I love having my music with me at all times. The one thing that Ipods have never been able to do though is share. You can't even plug your Ipod into another computer without it erasing your entire library. Enter, miShare. miShare is a genius little device that plugs one end to your Ipod and another to a friends and allows you to swap files at your leisure. I know that neerdowells across the nation will immediately use this to break all sorts of copywrite laws, but just because something can be used illegally doesn't make it a bad product. Used legally this could be a great little stocking stuffer for your music crazed friend.


The hunt for the Wii continues across the country this Christmas and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Wiis are approaching $500 to $600 on Ebay and now Nintendo has decided to pull all advertising for the Wii out of circulation. They said they can't justify advertising a product that is impossible to get. I saw one on the shelf (for about 30 seconds) in July and if I could turn back time I would have bought it immediately (hey, I'm a nice guy and all, but at more than 100% profit I'm all businessman.)


Here is a look at a documentary underway about Westboro Baptist Church, or as I call them "those idiots from Kentucky that say that God is killing soldiers because of homosexuality in America" My only request is that the filmmakers make a clear distinction between this small group of morons and the rest of us who love Jesus. Grrrrrrrrrrr. They are not me and I am not them. My fear is that we all get filed under "Christian" together. I hate labels (except of course on soup cans, so I can find the Creme of Mushroom.)


Office Max is back with Elf Yourself and this time you can do up to four at a time. So without further ado, the Elfed Dicer boys!

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