Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The "Time's Top 10" Edition...

I love lists and checking them twice, though it's got nothing to do with the whole naughty or nice thing, and everything to do with my incessant need to rank things. Well, Time magazine has my number with their 50 Top 10 lists of 2007. Reading through these lists has been a humbling realization that as much as I try to stay culturally informed I am sorely ignorant in so many ways. Of course that doesn't mean I won't jabber about them anyway. Without further ado Dice's top 10 Time's Top 10 lists.

Let's roll.

10. Top 10 Movies (opinion 1/opinion 2)

Take a look at these and tell me you don't feel out of touch. Not only have I only seen 2 of the 20 movies listed ("Breach", a surprising inclusion but worthy, and "Beowulf", a surprising inclusion and not quite worthy.) But probably half of them, I'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF. Of course the main question is, WHERE IS RATATOUILLE?

9. Top 10 Gadgets

I'll take one of each please, and two of the #1 Iphone. Thanks.

8. Top 10 Returning Shows

The Sopranos leads a list of primarily cable based "edgy" shows. It's as if a show gets better for ever swear word and nude scene somehow. The only three network shows listed are all good inclusions though. The Office, and 30 Rock are worth checking out and if they hadn't included Lost on their list I might just be in jail today.

7. Top 10 Sports Moments

This list is must see material for one reason only, and it sits in it's proper place at #1. The amazing 15 lateral final play (including the seldom used bounce pass lateral) that won a Division III football game for Trinity over Millsap. The list then goes downhill from there including a certain college football upset from earlier this year that I'd just as soon forget.

6. Top 10 New TV Shows

Nice to see "Pushing Daisies" on here and interesting to see "Kid Nation" (I mean it was fun and all but Top 10?) and the couple of episodes that I caught of HBO's The "Flight of the Conchords" (thanks to the free podcast) were very funny (and clean for that matter) The only other one on the list I've even seen (thanks to the aforementioned "We love the f word" mentality) is Discovery's "Planet Earth" which I have made my feelings very clear on (HINT: It's gorgeous and informative, but a bit too arrogant for it's own good).

5. Top 10 T Shirt Slogans

Random, yet funny for the most part.

4. Top 10 Video Games

A good list overall, and a compilation of what will likely be considered the best games of the year. It does seem a bit weird that the highest selling systems of the year (by far the DS and Wii) only have one game a piece on the list. Super Mario Galaxy (at a rather disappointing #4) and Phantom Hourglass (Zelda for DS) are both great games and worthy of recognition. I was just hoping for some Zack and Wiki love, oh well.

3. Top 10 Underreported Stories

Stuff you should have heard about, but maybe didn't.

2. Top 10 Magazine Covers

I know this is a weird one to include, especially so high, but somehow I am just captivated by graphic design and the use of limited cover space to convey emotion and humor. I was engaged by all 10 of these covers.

1. Top 10 Sports Matches

Easily my favorite list. It kicks off with 4 games I watched live and knew I was watching something special (even though my beloved Pistons were the victims of #4) and then finishes with what I still consider to be the most amazing sports finish in history (which I've previously blogged about here). And of course the Boise State win at #1 has to be the most fun I've ever had watching college football.

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