Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorite Movies of 2007 (Part 3, 20-16)...

Dice's Favorite 25 Movies of 2007
(These are, in order, the 25 movies I enjoy, respect, desire, and love the most that I saw for the first time in the calender year 2007)

* possible objectionable content warning

Honorable Mentions:




20. Flushed Away - Toilet humor. My mom hates it, my boys think it's the only kind of humor. Whichever side of the sanitation plant you stand on this one you still might love this movie. Of course there are the prerequisite bathroom puns, but beyond that is a very thoughtful movie with well drawn characters and some very fun action. Sure this movie will have you groaning at times but when you're done you'll be admiring the results. Kind of like every good trip to the bathroom. (Sorry Mom.)

19. Flags of Our Fathers* - I posted some previous comments about this one in this post, and my opinion hasn't changed much. I have since seen the other Eastwood war movie (Letters from Iwo Jima) and this is definitely the better of the two.

18. The Lookout* - Yes that's the kid from 3rd Rock (the old TV show about aliens with John Lithgow, not 30 Rock the new TV show about comedy writers with Tina Fey) and yes that's a bearded, blind Jeff Daniels, and yes they are both incredible in this movie. It's the story of a young man who suffers mental issues after a car accident and the difference between friends that love you and friends who use you. It's also a very intense bank heist flic that will have you locked in from start to finish. This one qualifies as a hidden gem.

17. The Host - The blueprint for the monster movie for a new generation starts with this South Korean film (and yes that means you will be reading subtitles). What is amazing about this film is the heart and humor that is incorporated into this basic story of family survival amidst the tragedy of the destructive behemoth that ravages there town. Despite a fairly trite set up the movie is genuinely caring and funny and if JJ Abrahms' Cloverfield doesn't borrow heavily from the tone this movie sets he's missed the point. The monster doesn't mean anything if we don't care about the people it attacks and this movie understands that fully.

16. The Guardian - I briefly reviewed this in this post, but I will repeat for your sake, Nobody is more surprised than me that I really liked a movie staring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. Maybe I've been punked. Consider this guilty pleasure number 2.

Back tomorrow with 15-11!

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