Friday, January 18, 2008

Favorite Movies of 2007 (Part 5, 10-6)...

Dice's Favorite 25 Movies of 2007
(These are, in order, the 25 movies I enjoy, respect, desire, and love the most that I saw for the first time in the calender year 2007)

* possible objectionable content warning

Honorable Mentions:







10. Disturbia - You'ld think with my love for all things Hitchcock this two bit ripoff of Rear Window would irk me more than perk me. Just one problem; it turned out to not be a two bit ripoff. It's actually a finely crafted homage to one of Hitchcock's greatest films that manages to both add something new and maintain the intensity of the original. Shia is no Jimmy Stewart but he plays the role in his own manic style that is both endearing and compelling.

9. Deja Vu - Another Hitchcockian premise that delivers in twist and thrills even if the logic of the thing collapses in on it's own weight late in the movie. The real reason the movie is so good is likely Denzel, who is what I call an "exponential actor" in that he takes over a film and makes it so much more than it probably is. As in, "Deja Vu is just Timecop to the power of Denzel". Whatever the case, watch it.... twice.

8. Meet the Robinsons (3D) - MTR is the first non Pixar CG movie to impress me to this level in both style and substance, you can read more of why that is at this link in my full review.

7. Night at the Museum - They just don't make great family movies much anymore that aren't animated (which makes them seem more like kid's movies) which is why it's always a treat when something like this comes along. Ben Stiller is surely great in this, but for me it's the three old guys that steal the show, led by a still amazing Dick Van Dyke. Hopefully those guys will live long enough to do the inevitable sequel.

6. Spiderman 3 - The Spiderman movies continue to get better (though 2 still has a sleight edge on 3 I think) and it's the message in this one that gets it so high on my list. Yeah, these movies are flat out fun to watch but it's what is hidden underneath the spectacular action scenes that did it for me. A well thought out morality play for a 21st century audience. You can read my full review here.

Back Monday with my Top 5 of the year!

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