Thursday, February 7, 2008

Idol Thoughts (The Intro)...

Idol is back and so will be Idol Thoughts here on Rollin'.

Last year I broke down the American Idol performances each week with predictions and commentary, and the occasional query on Jordin Spark's height. I plan on continuing this as the new season progresses, and I would love to get your feedback each week on who you think deserves Idol status.

So far I've enjoyed the auditions, but it is by no means my favorite section of the process. In fact, this year I can't think of any auditioners I've seen that I am already rooting for. I'm sure some favorites will emerge next week, but for now I'm still waiting.

To hold you over until that point here is an announcement that came today on a new project that Disney has coming to the park formerly known as MGM Studios. If you've ever thought you could do AI but just never had the guts or have been in the wrong age bracket, here's your chance.

Next trip to Disney I'll definitely hit this up and let you know how it goes. I just need to go work on my version of "Go Down Moses".

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