Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Idol Thoughts (Top 11)...

The laptop is out of the shop, so it's back to the stream of consciousness rambling that I'm most comfortable with. Here are my thoughts as the show happens with some oh so prescient predictions following.

Amanda Overmeyer, "Back in the U.S.S.R."
- I think Amanda is good enough at what she does. Which seems to be to vaguely pronounce syllables that may or may not be actual words. But she does it in such a convincing intense way that you kind of dig it. Tonight's performance was on the better side, but I'm not sure Amanda's style is for me. (B-)

Kristy Lee Cook, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" -So can KLC rebound from the hicktastic tragedy that was last week? In a word, no. But seeing as it would be impossible to get any worse it's not much of a compliment to say things went better, still awful, but you know, better awful. The problem tonight was that she wanted to just sing the song, and then she didn't sing very well, at all. (D-)

David Archuletta, "The Long and Winding Road" - Gotta give it to the kid, he can really sing. And not just in that hit the amazing notes kind of way, but as in really understanding how a song is supposed to feel and matching tone to texture. He is a pure vocalist. I'll drop my weird reservations about him for now, and just say well done. (A)

Michael Johns, "A Day in the Life" - Hmmmm. That's a tough song to edit down. It loses so much of the flow and progression to try and truncate it like that. It was also an up and down vocal, parts being really nice and parts being off quite a bit. Put it all together and you've got a pretty jagged and jarring performance. (D+)

Brooke White, "Here Comes the Sun" - I like Brooke, and I thought she did an ok job tonight (you can feel the but coming, can't you) BUT that performance did seem a bit forced, and I think Brooke may be a bit outpaced talent wise. Yet, there is no doubt that she is having more fun than other contestants, and her personality is so engaging and honest. I like the girl, and I hope she comes back to form next week. (B)

David Cook, "Day Tripper" - It took long enough but I officially have a favorite. DC has been as consistent and spot on as CD (that would be Chris Daughtry) was in his season. Excellent stuff, and the voicebox section was genius. I am still trying to decide if his attitude is more smug or just confident, but I thought he was great again. (A-)

Carly Smithson, "Blackbird" - Carly is definitely the most technically astute performer of the bunch. Another stellar performance which I enjoyed quite a bit. (A-)

Jason Castro, "Michelle" - "I thought it was English", classic. As for the performance, I actually thought it was fairly mediocre. Not bad, but not great. (C)

Syesha Mercado, "Yesterday" - It's a tightrope picking a song as well known and classic as this one. If you sing it as is, you certainly won't be as good as the original, but change it too much and you mess with the fond memories of your audience. If Syesha failed it was slightly to the side of changing it up too much, but she managed to find the tricky balance for the most part and made it too the other side unharmed. (B+)

Chikezie, "I've Just Seen a Face" - Well, his first performance was great, then he did some sort of second performance that started with a harmonica and then, oh never mind, I have no clue what just happened. (C-)

Ramiele Malubay, "I Should Have Known Better" - Well, she's cute, but that vocal was flat out awful with an emphasis on flat (and maybe tomorrow the emphasis will be on out). Honestly, I just think Miss Malubay may be a bit out classed at this stage. (C-)

My personal ranking:

1.) David Cook
2.) Brooke White
3.) Carly Smithson
4.) David Archuletta
5.) Jason Castro
6.) Chikezie
7.) Michael Johns
8.) Syesha Mercado
9.) Amanda Overmeyer
10.) Ramiele Malubay
11.) Kristy Lee Cook

Going Home:

I think it might be Kristy Lee Cook's week to go, but if her fans manage to stay motivated, Amanda or Michael may be in trouble.


Only four have a chance, DC, Brooke, Carly, or Archuletta. But they all have their weaknesses; DC may be a bit too rocker and his confidence borders on arrogance, Brooke just doesn't seem to have the vocal chops, Carly seems off the radar, and Archuletta is the early favorite which generally means he will either fade, or be the shocking 4th or 3rd placer. I'm gonna stick with Brooke, just on gut, but I'm inching more and more towards thinking Carly may win this thing.

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