Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Thoughts (Top 9)...

Well, the lappy is back in the shop so no break down of each performance as I didn't have it to type notes on last night (Seriously, you expect me to put pen to paper?). But that's not really a big deal because the performances last night were just about mediocre all the way through. No really bad ones, and yet, no really good ones. Sure, the Davids and Brooke sounded good, and Kristy Lee and Ramiele sounded not so good, but nothing to write home about either way. If there was a stand out performance for me, strangely enough I think it would be Castro's. The dreaded guitarist picked up the tempo a bit (two puns in 4 words, it's all about efficiency) and I thought it suited him well (He's still not long for the competition, but he deserves the props). So with nothing more really to say, let's get to the predictions, shall we?

My personal overall ranking:

1.) David Cook
2.) Brooke White
3.) David Archuletta
4.) Syesha Mercado
5.) Carly Smithson
6.) Jason Castro
7.) Michael Johns
8.) Ramiele Malubay
9.) Kristy Lee Cook

Going Home:

Since it's a girl's turn tonight I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it's either Kristy Lee or Ramiele, if you put a gun to my head (and really why wouldn't you) I'd say Ramiele. If somehow another guy hits the road it will be Castro.


I see no reason to change from Brooke yet, she continues to do what she needs to do to stay in the top bunch, and that sweet personality will continue to draw in the extra votes. She's an easy "also vote". You know, where a Carly fan will vote a few times for Smithson and then say, "You know, I like that Brooke girl I'll throw a vote her way as well." Then before you know it she's in the final two with David Archuletta and she dominates the final songs, and "Ladies and Gentlemen, Your American Idol!!"

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