Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Movie Preview (#6)...

#6 Prince Caspian

The good news is that Caspian looks like it will be another faithful and beautiful adaptation of a Narnian Chronicle. The bad news is that it might be the last. I knew when they started that it was a long shot that we would see all seven hit the big screen (Would it even be possible to do "The Last Battle"?) but I was hoping they would at least get to "The Magician's Nephew". I can only hope that enough people will be interested in this to make the Box Office pull large enough to continue the series. Whatever the case, the previews to Prince Caspian make it look even better than TLTWATW, and I'm pumped to see the world come to life once again. Bring on REEPICHEEP!

#5 is next, with a twist.

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