Wednesday, September 10, 2008

21 Hours of TV, Fall Preview (Tuesday)...

The 21 hour challenge continues with  a Tuesday lineup that features the one-two punch of one of my favorite shows already on TV and the new show I'm most excited about.   House continues to be the best character on television and the stories remain compelling and the surrounding cast continues to do thier part.  It also remains one of the most thought provoking shows on a week to week basis.  FOX follows up House with the buzzed about Fringe which should be a modern day X-Files from the mastermind brain of one JJ Abrams.  I'll also be checking out "The Mentalist" on CBS and giving it 3 episodes to impress me, and the Biggest Loser should be even more fun to watch this season knowing that I'm living it this year.  There's nothing else to really comment on, the rest of Tuesday is filled mostly with shows that might be ok but I just don't care to get into.  Yes, I know I'm ignoring a certain relaunched zipcode, but honestly, did you think I would even give that show a second thought?
The color coded breakdown:


ABC - Opportunity Knocks
CW - 90210
Fox - House
NBC - The Biggest Loser


ABC - Dancing with the Stars
CBS - The Mentalist
CW - Privileged
Fox - Fringe


ABC - Eli Stone
CBS - Without A Trace
NBC - Law and Order: SVU

Tuesday's Total: Three 1 hour dramas, One 1 hour Reality, 4 hours

Overall Total: 
Eight 1 hour dramas, One 1 hour Reality, 9 hours

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