Thursday, September 25, 2008

My First House

Like most Americans, I’ve been spending my evenings with one eye on the TV and the other eye on this blog so I knew what new shows I wanted to watch this year. Dice is one member of a very short list of people who’s opinion I trust when it comes to what’s good and not good on TV and at the Movies.

Only 2 times have I not listened to his advice, and I paid the price.

Things are tough for me this year. I have to be extra selective because I’m “gazelle intense” in my battle against debt (see so I’ve given up my DishNetwork and my DVR, for a 40-foot antenna and an analog DVD recorder.

That’s right . . . I’m practically Amish.

So, now that I’m technically limited, I need Dice more than ever.

I had a few moments to myself the other night, and I finally watched my first episode of “HOUSE.” Wow, what a show!

“House” has always been on Dice’s list, and it’s one of those shows I’ve always meant to watch, but never have. Well I watched like the first episode of Season 4, or something like that, and I fell in love with this show that perfectly blends the suspense of “Matlock,” the attitude of “Becker,” and the political correctness of “Archie Bunker,” wrapped in the medical reality of “Trauma in the Emergency Room.”

I’m hooked, but troubled.

What should I do?

> Start this season fresh?

> Go back to the beginning?

> Give up and watch it on TV Land in 15 years?

Dice and company, Help me please.

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