Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Top 10)...

Motown's got some great tunes.  Bring it on!

Matt Giraud, "Let's Get it On" - The dark horse kicks it off tonight and once again sits himself behind the piano.  Ahh, but what's this?  He's dropping the security blanket and wandering out from behind the ivory, and it works!  Matt has officially become one to watch. (A)

Kris Allen, "How Sweet It Is" - The guys are the ones to beat this year.  After that performance (though not quite as good as Matt) I can honestly see any of Matt, Kris, Adam, or Danny winning this thing.  Hey, if Noop throws together a few great performances I can even see him coming out on top.   Can you honestly say that about any of the girls.  Maybe Lil?  Time for the fems to step it up. (A-)

Scott MacIntyre, "You Can't Hurry Love" - He's gone either this week or next, as I think the sympathy vote has worn thin. He's good enough, but he is out of his league. (C-)

Megan Joy, "For Once in My Life" - Yuck. I know she's claiming a singular voice, but that wasn't even close to in tune.  Being different isn't license to sing poorly. (F)

Anoop Desai, "Oooh, Baby, Baby" - Will he do the Smokey version or the Amy Grant version?  Kidding. Just kidding. Settle down.  I take it back, Noop can't win this thing.  Not that he was awful tonight, he was alright.  It's just he doesn't have the ability to come off as his own man.  Every performance feels very staged and slightly karaoke.  eh. (B-)

Michael Sarver, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" - So far the contestants are breaking down into two categories, contenders and out of their league.  I'll give you one guess as to which pile that performance left Mr. Sarver in. (Hint: It's the one that isn't contenders) (D-) 

Lil Rounds, "Heat Wave" - Lil's voice was designed by God to sing this kind of music.  I will be surprised if she doesn't knock this out of the park.  Hmmm, well I gues I'm surprised.  Did she seem a bit nervous to you?  I'm not sure what it was but it wasn't as good as it should have been for sure. (C+)

Adam Lambert, "Tracks of My Tears" - I keep vacillating on Lambert.   I'm at the same time blown away by his vocal technique, and put off by his theatrics.  I want him to stick around if for no other reason than to see what he comes up with each week, but I don't think I want him to win. (A-)

Danny Gokey, "Get Ready" - I love Danny as much as the next guy.  OK, problem more than the next guy.  OK fine, probably so much that it makes the next guy a bit uncomfortable.  Though this was another great performance, Mr. Horn Rims is in danger of becoming a bit of a one trick pony.  (B+)

Allison Iraheta, "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" -  Allison gets the last slot, eh?  Are we about to see a gal throw her hat in the ring as a competitor?  Short answer:  Maybe.  Long Answer: Probably Not.  Yes it was great, yeah she's got chops, but she'll have to do it a few more times before I become a true believer. (A)

Overall Rankings

Danny Gokey
Adam Lambert
Matt Giraud
Allison Iraheta
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Anoop Desai
Michael Carver
Scott MacIntyre
Megan Joy

Who should go home:

Megan Joy

Who will go home:

I'd be perfectly fine if any of Megan, Scott, or Michael found their way home tomorrow night.  But I've said before it's the mediocre ones that are usually in danger not the bad ones.  The bad ones generate passion votes, the mediocre ones get forgotten.  So who was mediocre?  Kris? Lil? Noop?  or (God forbid) Danny?  Not really.  In fact, this was one of those rare nights where it may have been all heroes and villains with no extras blending into the background.  I suppose if it is a surprise I would say Noop is the candidate, but my official prediction is that the terrible three all find themselves at the bottom this week and one of the guys goes home.  I think the blind thing buys Scotty Mac one more week so I'll make Sarver my official prediction.

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