Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Top 5)...

I'm more than willing to admit when I am wrong, and I was completely wrong about Lil.  Thrilled to be so, but wrong none the less.  It still marks only my third miss of the season but to be honest with as close as this final 5 is I don't expect to get many more right.  I would expect Giraud to be odd man out when all is said and done, but anything could happen when it's ratpack night and Jamie Foxx is in the house.

Kris Allen, "The Way You Look Tonight" - That's it, I'm flat out rooting for this kid now.  That was spectacular, understated, but spectacular.  I hope people can remember this performance after the night has wound down.  Amazing. (A)

Allison Iraheta, "Someone to Watch Over Me" - Another great performance.  At the end of the day this is a pretty great group of 5 and Allison has just as much a shot as anyone else at this point.  (A)

Matt Giraud, "My Funny Valentine" - Matt is certainly the only remaining contestant that at times appears out of his league (I still can't shake what he did to Coldplay and The Fray) but that performance was really pretty great.  Compared to the other two so far, just a tick below, but still very nice. Wow, what a night so far. (A-)

Danny Gokey, "Come Rain or Come Shine" -Wow, Gokey is back! I kinda slept through the beginning thinking here is the same old Danny.  The end of the song though, oh... my... goodness.   I rewound it... twice. (A)

Adam Lambert, "Feeling Good" - That was certainly an incredible note and an amazing performance, but to be honest, I feel like Lambert at this point is a known commodity and that can breed boredom even with excellence. (A-)

Overall Rankings

T1. Kris Allen
T1. Adam Lambert
T1. Danny Gokey
4. Allison Iraheta
5. Matt Giraud

Who should go home:

Matt Giraud

Who will go home:

Wow, on what must be the best singing night in Idol history, I really think it's anybodies suitcase that could be in use.   I'm going to say Giraud because I think that's the way it should shake down.  If it's anyone else it would be a shame, especially after what everyone laid out there tonight.

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