Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Top 7... Again)...

So here's the question, do I get credit for picking Matt to go considering he stuck around based on the judges' whim?  Whatever the case, tonight is the most treacherous night of the show, and if fan bases get lazy we could see any one of these seven hit the road.  Whoa, Lil's already started singing, don't wait for me or anything Seacrest, I'm just blogging here.  The Disco is on!

Lil Rounds, "I'm Every Woman" - She gave it her best shot, I'm just telling you she doesn't have the pipes.  The energy was there, but the notes weren't even close at times.   Lil is a textbook example of someone who is simply out of their league. (C-)

Kris Allen, "She Works Hard for the Money" - Kris may actually have the most commercial appeal of any of the Idols left.  Adam's a bit over the top, Danny's a bit boring, but Kris is an amazing singer, adorable, and has a sound that is dead center of modern and cool.  I don't think he wins (in fact he may go home tonight) but he may have the most successful career of all of them. (A-)

Danny Gokey, "September" -Gokey looks very George Michael tonight (that would be the 80s singer, not the character from Arrested Development) but I think that may have been his worst performance yet.  It wasn't awful, he hit the notes in typical Gokey fashion, but he just seems stuck in what he does, he needs some variety to spice it up. (B-)

Allison Iraheta, "Hot Stuff" - Great vocal performance as far as I'm concerned.  Excuse the pun, but I'm warming to Allison quite a bit the last few weeks.  I'm not the biggest fan of her style, but she can certainly sing.  My only issue with her is tonight is that her performance tonight was a little showy for me (bordering on Lambert if you will).  Overall though, pretty amazing. (A-)

Adam Lambert, "If I Can't Have You" - I'm simply slack jawed stunned at this man.  He is a performer in every sense of the word.  His vocal ability is by far greater than anyone who has ever been on this show (yes I'm looking at you Misses Underwood and Clarkson).  I still think he should be a stage actor and not a pop singer, but dude, wow! (A)

Matt Giraud, "Stayin' Alive" - Hey look, someone actually decided to do disco.  Not very well albeit, but at least it sounded discoish. (C)

Anoop Desai, "Dim All the Lights" - Yuck. You know what the word for Noop is?  Poser.  Someone who is doing their best to play the part but feels completely false and transparent.  None of these guys are awful singers but compared to the others of the night he and Lil stand out like sore thumbs. (B+)

Overall Rankings

Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Danny Gokey
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai
Lil Rounds

Who should go home:

Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai

Who will go home:

I'm not sure if they will do a bottom three tomorrow considering two are going home.  But here is the order I think the votes will land them.  I hope this isn't true, but I'm telling you tonight's show is a straight up highway to the danger zone and Maverick is nowhere in sight.

1. Adam Lambert - Large fanbase, and gets a bounce from best performance of the night.  Count on seeing Adam in the final two.

2. Lil Rounds - I know you think I'm crazy, but the more the judges dis her, the more votes she will get.

3. Danny Gokey - Gokey has the middle America vote on lock down and I think it will get him at least to the final four.

----I believe these next four are all in danger and way too close to call----

4.  Kris Allen - Kris has the advantage of building momentum right at the exact right moment.  I still worry about him on a night like tonight, but I think hes developing a fervent fanbase.

5. Matt Giraud - I think the emotion of the save may just pull him enough votes to escape once again.

6. Anoop Desai - It's just time and I think his fans have waned.

7. Allison Iraheta - The shocker of the night.   Her fans are complacent, her performance was great but forgettable and with two people going home those are two very dangerous things.

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