Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Top 7)...

OK, so much for the perfect season.  Kris not only managed to stick around, he wasn't even in the bottom 3!  Let's just say I've never been happier to be wrong.  Time to get back on the nostradomic track and it looks like we will be doing it with the help of Mr. Quentin Tarintino.  This could be an extremely interesting evening as I absolutely love QT's sense of music and moment, and there are some great movie songs to choose from.  I'm longin' for some songin', so let's get to it.

Allison Iraheta, "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" -  OK, so tonight the commentary may be as much about film as the singing.  At this point we know these guys anyway right?  So, Armegeddon.  I know people get sick of the showy blockbuster, but Affleck and Willis are really pretty amazing in that movie and it's a lot of fun.  And who doesn't love a good Animal Cracker love scene?  This movie has become unfairly maligned, it's actually pretty good.  Allison was also pretty good, not spectacular, but pretty good. (B+)

Anoop Desai, "Everything I Do" - Noop keeping it in the wheelhouse, staying smooth and slow.  Prince of Thieves was the movie that I think woke people up to the fact that Costner isn't actually an actor, but more of a character type.  If it wasn't the atrocious accent, it was the lack of verve that Robin Hood just has to have.  Let Kevin play a baseball player or a farmer and he's good, but when he stretches, it's painful.  The only exception, Clint Eastwood's "Perfect World"  Noop like Costner plays to his type and does very well. (B+)

Adam Lambert, "Born to Be Wild" - OK, so I've never seen Easy Rider, so let's focus on Mr. Lambert, shall we?  Not his best performance, a little spastic and surreal, not as much so as the Arabian Cash, but still just a little out there.   But seriously, this dude can PERFORM and takes it to the nth degree every single show.  If he manages to put some reigns on the over acting and weirdness he may just run away with this thing if he's not careful. (A-)

Matt Giraud, "Really Loved A Woman" - Another movie I haven't seen, but I think Giraud was off tonight.  It's our first poor performance of the evening and it may cost him .  This is a pretty stellar final 7 now that Scott is gone.  It will be very interesting to see who goes home tonight, but Matt may have put himself in danger tonight. (C+)

Danny Gokey, "Endless Love" -Maybe the movie talk is over for the night as I haven't seen this film either.   Gokey brought me back a bit tonight by slowing it down and showing a little range.  But he still needs to throw a knockout punch soon or Lambert will sweep the floor with him. (A-)

Kris Allen, "Falling Slowly" - I agree with Quentin on this, this is a fabulous song choice.  Though many haven't seen the movie Once, the songs are the best part of it.  I actually thought the movie itself was a bit slow and dreary, but the emotion of the music was extremely powerful, and Kris did amazing with it (not sure what Randy was listening to). (A-)

Lil Rounds, "The Rose" - No, not good enough, just not.  She just can't do it, I'm sorry, she doesn't have the vocal acuity to pull this stuff off and I'm not impressed.  Unfortunately her voters are going to be super motivated because of Simon's comments and she went last.  Grrr. (C-)

Overall Rankings

Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Kris Allen
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai
Lil Rounds

Who should go home:

Lil Rounds

Who will go home:

I think the girls are safe again, even though Lil is easily the most out of her league up there.   And I can't see Lambert or Gokey hitting the bottom three for at least 2 more weeks.  Which leaves Noop, Matt, and Kris as our bottom three.  It's pretty much a three sided coin flip at this point and of the three Matt probably had the most forgettable performance.   I'm going to hope that Kris' song choice doesn't backfire and say that tonight we say goodbye to the boy who butchered Coldplay (that'ld be Matt).

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