Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Finale)

It's the finale and it seems there are those that think Lambert has this wrapped up.  To them I say, not so fast.  As I have been predicting for months Lambert has second place wrapped up just as Archuletta did last year.  Congratulations Kris on the win, let's get to the sure to be amazing, but none the less perfunctory music selections.

Adam Lambert, "Mad World" - Great choice by Lambert as it was easily my favorite song he did this year.   The thing with Lambert though is that he peaked too early and it almost seems run of the mill for him. (A-)

Kris Allen, "Ain't no Sunshine" - He's peaking right on time and with that great showing actually takes round 1. (A+)

Adam Lambert, "Change is Gonna Come" - Great performance!  That's what he needed to remind people why he is the "frontrunner".   He can do things with his voice that are insane, still don't think he has a chance, but wow. (A+)

Kris Allen, "What's Goin' On" - I was hoping Kris would knock all three out of the park tonight, but this one was just ok.  Round two to Lambert (who still can't win.) (A-)

Adam Lambert, "No Boundaries" - I wondered if Lambert would struggle with the original and he did.  It's amazing, the very first time I've heard him miss notes and it's on his last performance of the season.  Hmmm, interesting.  If Kris knocks it out of the park he will lock it up. (C+)

Kris Allen, "No Boundaries" - Bummer, Kris is having trouble as well.  Thankfully I think everybody already knows who they are voting for.  (C-)

I Wish

Kris Allen

I predict:

Direct Quotes:

9 weeks ago: I can honestly see any of Matt, Kris, Adam, or Danny winning this thing.

8 weeks ago: That was amazing, Kris is now officially someone I can see winning this competition and earns his place beside Gokey and Lambert.

6 weeks ago: Kris may actually have the most commercial appeal of any of the Idols left.  Adam's a bit over the top, Danny's a bit boring, but Kris is an amazing singer, adorable, and has a sound that is dead center of modern and cool.

4 weeks ago: That's it, I'm flat out rooting for this kid now.  That was spectacular, understated, but spectacular.

3 weeks ago: I hope Kris sticks around this week because he might just win if he does.

Last week: I've said it enough and I don't need to keep repeating myself.  In one of the closest votes in Idol history (I wish they would tell us the totals after the show has aired, because I bet all three of these dudes are close)  Kris and Adam sneak through over Danny and Kris shocks the world (minus me) by pulling the votes to dethrone the screamer.

No reason to switch now, Kris wins.

The Order it Will Go

4th  Allison (X)
3rd  Danny (X)
2nd  Adam
1st Kris (I'm delusional, I know, leave me alone)

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