Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol Thoughts (Top3)

Well, I've made it clear that I think Gokey and Kris are battling for the win tonight and Lambert has second locked up.  The only thing that throws a wrench in the works is if Adam has even less mojo than even I thought and goes home this week.  But I'm still thinking Kris has a great shot at pulling off this upset.  2 songs, lets get to it!

Danny Gokey, "Dance Little Sister" - First song of the night and Gokey does a decent job, nothing spectacular but a solid Danny growl to kick us off. (B+)

Kris Allen, "Apologize" - This is not the powerhouse performance that Kris needs to take Danny tonight.  It's a great song and I think he did a decent job but if he wants to survive he needs to make an impact and snag the "best of the night" voters. (B+)

Adam Lambert, "One" - I probably won't say much about Adam tonight because I think he is locked into second place.  His voters are his voters, I don't think he gains anymore or loses any.  It's Danny and Kris who are fighting to survive and combine the anti Lambert voting blocks.  Having said all that, this wasn't all that great. (B-)

Danny Gokey, "You Are So Beautiful" - Alright Gokey, last chance, good song choice, nice to hear you back it down a bit, but it might work against you.  The big notes are more memorable.  There we go, no you're going after it, is it enough? A great performance, but if Kris can pull off a better one, this may be it for the Gokster. (A-)

Kris Allen, "Heartless" - WOW!  There it is.  That may just do it for Kris, that was beautiful and incredible.  If that pulls him the votes I think it will we will be looking at a Kris/Adam finale and I just don't think Gokey fans are going to vote for Lambert. (A)

Adam Lambert, "Cryin'" - The Lambert lovers will be all over that, the Lambert haters will despise it, what can I say, it's Lambert and tonight wasn't really about him anyway.  As for me I didn't care for it too much. (C+)

I Wish

1. Kris Allen
2. Danny Gokey
3. Adam Lambert

I predict:

I've said it enough and I don't need to keep repeating myself.  In one of the closest votes in Idol history (I wish they would tell us the totals after the show has aired, because I bet all three of these dudes are close)  Kris and Adam sneak through over Danny and Kris shocks the world (minus me) by pulling the votes to dethrone the screamer.

The Order it Will Go

4th  Allison (X)
3rd  Danny
2nd  Adam
1st Kris (I'm delusional, I know, leave me alone)

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