Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing says Fall like the 3 Ep Test...

Sure for some fall has arrived when the colors change, when the kids go back to school, or when the Detroit Lions blow their first game, but for me it's all about fresh new TV. I love filtering through the new offerings that the networks throw at us and picking a few to try on for size. I call it the 3 ep test and it's based on the theory that any new show can be fully embraced or dismissed by watching the first 3 episodes, no more, no less. Last year (linky link) of the 8 shows I vetted 3 failed (Life on Mars, Hole in the Wall, and Crusoe, all of which have disappeared since), 2 passed but were still cancelled (the so-so America's Toughest Jobs, and the under appreciated My Own Worst Enemy) and 3 passed with flying colors (Dollhouse, Fringe, and the brilliant Mentalist). This year I'm planning on giving the triple dip to these 6 shows, listed in order of anticipation from least to most.

Modern Family
Wednesday, ABC, 9 (Sept. 23rd)

It takes a lot for a comedy to get me interested, too much probably. Other than The Office or Arrested Development, there really hasn't been a recent example of a show that blipped my radar from the get go. I'm so done with the "sit-com" thing that I often dismiss shows out of hand that might actually end up being hilarious. I'm still kicking myself a bit about missing the boat on "Big Bang Theory" which I hear is great, but I just can't bring myself to start watching. All of this to say that "Modern Family" is only on this list because I felt like I needed to give more sitcoms a chance and it seemed like the most interesting.

Wednesday, FOX, 9 (Sept. 16th)

Glee is already one episode into the 3 ep test and I just can't figure out where I'll land on this show. Sure, I hated just about everything in the debut episode that wasn't a musical number, but when those musical numbers hit this show was pure magic. If they can just find a way to increase the quality of the rest of this show by even the slightest bit, I may just have to stick with it.

The Forgotten
Tuesday, ABC, 10 (Sept. 22nd)

My annual pick for show I will fall in love with that gets cancelled. I'm not sure why I would think that, considering it's not every year that a major network pulls together a high concept drama staring Christian Slater. I mean there's no way that could fail, right?

Shark Tank
Tuesday, ABC, 8 (Sept. 29th)

This is the second show on the list that I've already had a chance to partake of and it's probably not fair to consider it "anticipated" as I'm already on record as saying it's the best new reality show I've seen since The Biggest Loser debuted five years ago. There are no gimmicks here, just real business people, with real money, looking for real investments. Each "shark" has his or her own distinct engaging personality and watching them devour these prospective entrepreneurs is both entertaining and educational.

Thursday, NBC, 9:30 (Sept. 17th)

The only new comedy of the season that I am genuinely geeked for. The promo spots are clever, endearing, and best of all FUNNY! The cast looks stellar and I can't wait to see if the writing each week can live up to the promise of these first few pieces.

Flash Forward
Thursday, ABC, 8 (Sept. 24th)

ABC has stationed Flash Forward to snag momentum from LOST's final season and become the new serialized water cooler drama that everyone is trying to figure out. They even cast one of every one's favorite losties, Dominic Monaghan, to put the cherry on top. They've got quite a lot to live up to to maintain LOST's voracious fan base, but if they can figure out how to balance the questions with the answers and move toward a conclusion they just might have something here. One things for sure, I'm geeked to see it and I'll be on board, well, for at least 3 episodes.

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