Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Nintendo's successor to the DS is......

...the Nintendo 3DS!  Nope, not 3 screens (that would be a TS, for TrioScreen, DS is DualScreen, remember?), IT'S 3D!!  OK, so it's not that big of a shocker, considering the entertainment landscape appears headed for a full on make out session with the third dimension (a spit-swap I fully support, by the way).  What is interesting about this is the part about making it work without glasses (auto-stereoscopic for us word nerds).  To do this the system will use the front facing camera to track head movement and the built in motion sensors to track system movement so that the picture on screen can adjust as you look around to give the illusion of depth.   It sounds a bit too good to be true, and I'll withhold true judgement until I can get my own peepers on it, but if anyone can pull it off the Wonka-ish geniuses at Mario's house can.

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