Saturday, March 13, 2010

Betty White to host 'Saturday Night Live'

Might Makes White.

Betty WhiteSo SNL gave in and allowed the internet that puppy they've been begging for.  Now they just have to promise to feed and take care of it and clean up it's messes.  If you don't know the backstory, just know that somehow a group of random strangers started to coalesce around the idea that this golden aged girl would make a great SNL host and it snowballed into a curious but effective viral infection.  The truth is, it's a no lose situation for NBC and Lorne Michaels (who picked mother's day weekend for White's debut).  If she does well the show succeeds, and if she does poorly it's the internet's fault.  Either way, the publicity will be up enough to guarantee a few extra eyeballs and offers SNL a relevance in pop culture it hasn't had since Tina Fey pronounced maverick with a northern accent (an idea, by the way, that the internet could also claim as it's own, though to be fair, that one was a gimme.).  The real question, though, is how can "we the people" of the internet leverage this power for more than just novelty SNL hosts?  Can we start a viral that leads to Russel being retroactively declared the winner of Survivor 19?  How about one that forces Carmen out of retirement to do a full album of "story songs"?  Better yet, someone quickly start a Facebook Fan page to get Dave Ramsey instituted as our new Secretary of the Treasury ("The first thing you need to do United States is put $1000 into a savings account for emergency purposes.")  Point being, if the whiners heroes of the internet can get Betty White in as host of SNL, what other glorious victories might we accomplish?

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