Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Original Undercover Boss.

See that picture, it's Jesus.  Ok, technically it's C.O.O. of  Waste Management Larry O'Donnell on an episode of Undercover Boss, but it reminds me of Jesus.  Since they have recently announced the next companies and episodes for the show, I thought I'd throw a couple thoughts your way on why it seems to be resonating with me so many people, and why that scruffy guy in the neon green vest makes me think of the long haired sandled guy from Nazareth.

If you haven't seen Undercover Boss, the concept is fairly simple.  A head honcho CEO type from a large company hits the trenches to see what life is like on the lower end of the totem pole.  The resulting education is not only revelatory but surprisingly touching as bosses see both the good and bad at the grass roots of their company.  As I watched the first few episodes (specifically seek out the Hooters episode, it's fantastic... seriously) I was shocked at how much the show nailed me at my emotional core, and then it hit me.  Each week is basically the story or our own salvation.  I don't want to delve too much further into over spiritualizing the minefield that is reality television, but once you see God as the ultimate CEO, the rest of the metaphor really kind of writes itself .  Whatever the case, I'm hooked.  Now if I can just figure out how to glean some spiritual insight from Jersey Shore....


  1. You are right on... I read the linked article below recently as well. Now to catch the show...


  2. Thanks Professor! If only I had posted sooner I could accuse him of plagiarism. Then I could start a beef with Relevant Magazine and drive lots of ill-gotten traffic my way. Oh well, maybe next time.