Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Back Log.

Here's some stuff over the last week or so that I meant to mention but never got around to.  If anything strikes your fancy click through for the full story.

- The Hollywood Reporter made it's list of bubble shows (shows on the verge of cancellation) and it includes Heroes (thankfully) and V (give it another season, let's see what happens.)

- Check out this blog for a huge picture of the entire stable of Pixar characters and their respective sizes (partially pictured above).

- Speaking of Pixar, Brad Bird (who directed The Incredibles) is up to possibly direct Mission: Impossible 4.

- NPR has recently enacted new abortion language standards.  See if you can spot where they lean on the issue.

So You Think You Can Dance will be changing when it comes back to be a little more fair to each contestant and also bring back some past favorites. (I'm sure Wife of Dice will be anxiously awaiting to see if Benji's name appears in the credits.)

- Couple LOST links.  Nestor Carbonell (who plays the ageless Richard Alpert) gives a great interview following his killer performance from a couple weeks ago.  And you know I couldn't pass up something that mixes LOST and Hitchcock. Check out this video that does the LOST titles as if they were done by Hitchcock titler Saul Bass.

- And finally, it's official, Jack Bauer will no longer grace Fox with his presence.  Movies?  Another Network?  Time will tell.... tick.... tick.... tick...

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