Thursday, June 17, 2010

Embracing "The Nothing"

Quick head's up this morning on a movie project I'm excited about and that I think is worth your time to check out and root for.

It's called "The Nothing" and I'm in full infomercial mode for three reasons:

1) I'm pulling for my super talented buddy from college who wrote and is directing it.

2) It's a movie with an amazing message that is being pursued with excellence and has a crazy talented cast.

3) I'm hoping to score a cameo.

OK, it's really reason #2 that makes this a whole hearted effort from yours truly.  I've known Josh Childs since my days furthering my education in Illinois but his budding career (You may have seen him here or here) and endearing qualities as a human being (really laying it on thick for that cameo) would not be enough to get me to pimp his latest project if I didn't think it would be worth your while.  Josh was kind enough to let me read his script a while back and I was genuinely impressed by not just how touching and beautiful it was, but how well written and thought provoking it was as well.  If you know anything about my views on "faith based" films you know that I have little patience for great messages couched in lousy execution (just because something is true and noble doesn't make it excellent or praise-worthy) which is why I'm excited, because I think this film has a chance to break out of that ghetto and really do something special.

But here's the thing.  Much of that story is yet to be told.  The movie is in production right now and Josh has decided to produce and direct his own script rather than waiting for Hollywood to tell his story for him.  Because of this, he could use your help.  I'm not asking for you to donate money (though I'm sure he'd appreciate it, making movies is expensive.... wait, does that mean it was once pensive, but now isn't?.... sorry, distracted by language.... back on track now) I'm only asking that you consider becoming a fan of this project and spreading the word to others about what is going on.  Josh will take care of making this a quality endeavor (he's already put together a killer cast, and I know first hand the script is solid.) I'd just like you to join a growing voice of people cheering on entertainment that is both meaningful and well done.


Become a fan.... er.... "like it" on Facebook

Tweet about it.

Share the link on your own Facebook.

Blog about it.

Hire a skywriter to write about it in the clouds.

Getting the picture?  Just get the word out!  Feel free to link or share this article as well, but however you do it, let your circle know that something special is happening with a group of friends in Nashville that they should pay attention to.  Who knows the impact that can be seen when a collection of hard working artists embrace both message and quality? You can become a key part of that process.

You might even score a cameo like me! ...right Josh? .....Hello?  ...(sigh).


  1. Thanks for the very flattering plug, man. I'll talk to Josh about that cameo, and the $20 gift card to Red Lobster is on it's way!

  2. Red Lobster?! RED LOBSTER?! I SAID TEXAS ROADHOUSE!! (oh, also, I meant every word and I can't wait to see how things turn out.)