Friday, October 22, 2010

The Twitter Twenty: #20 @joelmchale

Twitter is like the McRib.  I'm never sure how long it will be around, but you best be sure I will be partaking while it is.

My guess is that Twitter popularity has about peaked and will decline fairly rapidly over the next few years, especially as celebrities get bored with it, or conversely continue to use it for primarily promotional purposes.  Facebook already does most things that Twitter does with more freedom and ease of use, so at some point I'm guessing Twitter will be so redundant that it will seem wasteful.  Maybe I'm wrong and Twitter will end up as more of a Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito type promotional food, but I just have a hard time seeing it as staying on the menu.

Personally, my main issue with Twitter is that it is a horrendous time suck.  To stay up to date with the celebs and friends that I "follow" takes a good chunk of my day.  And unless I stay on it every few hours, I find myself with literally hundreds of tweets taunting me with their brazen unreadness.

So in order to live a balanced life, and make peace with a wife and kids who might enjoy the occasional eye contact and such, I've decided to limit the Twitter feeds I follow closely down to twenty, and even though it is Twitter convention to promote people to follow on Fridays (the infamous #ff), I think I'll extend it and take the next 20 weekdays to countdown in order from awesome to most awesome the twenty at symbols that made the cut.

Joel McHale#20 @joelmchale

I've been part of Mchale's army since he took the talk out of The Soup about 6 years ago.  By the way, do you ever wonder if Hal Sparks watches Wipeout and Community back to back and then rents As Good as it Gets, and just quietly sobs to himself? (sorry obscure Talk Soup host reference, back on track now).  What I've loved about Mchale is both The Soup and the always great Community is his earnestness amongst insanity.  I'd highly encourage a follow if for no other reason than his ongoing #CommunityCastTrivia run. Overall, he probably tweets a bit too much but it's usually funny and rarely wasted.

Tweet of the Week:  Notoriously superstitious, @ keeps the skull of President James K. Polk in her character Annie’s backback.

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