Friday, November 5, 2010

The Twitter Twenty: #10 @ChrisSligh

Week Two of the TwitTwent and 5 more "friends" that I just can't do with out on Twitter.   If you are curious about why exactly I'm doing this feel free to check out any of the posts from last week, where I mumbled something about McRibs and such.   Which, by the way, are back now mysteriously AFTER I posted about them.  It's like they can hear you.  There is something very disconcerting with that imitation meat.

I had some friends ask (and by friends I mean voices in my head) if they didn't show up in the Twitter 20 if that means I would unfollow them.  The short answer, no.  The long answer, no way Jose.  It just means I may be less likely to see your Tweets with lightning fast immediacy.  I've got plenty of friends that I will still check in with and are doing a great job keeping me tweeterifically entertained.  But I just have to simplify my daily Twitter fix to where my phone actually gets to rest in my pocket for a few minutes every once in a while.

Here's today's entry:


Sligh guy is not only my second favorite American Idol contestant of all time (Please don't make me admit my first), he is a hilarious, over sharing, and often insightful social networker (Chris you can feel free to use that on your next bio.)   He makes up one third of the Christian music Twitter Trinity (Jonny Diaz is the second, care to guess the third?) and his additions to the twitterverse are equal parts random and revelatory (I originally spelled that re-lavatory which might occasionally apply as well I suppose).  He just had his first child this week so his tweets are sugar and spice and everything nice right now, but even so you can always count on Chris to speak his mind.

Twitter Profile: The beauty of brokenness is that it’s mirrored by redemption. If we weren’t broken, we wouldn’t need Christ—so being broken is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Tweet of the Week: Lemme make this clear: my wife is a stud. Or whatever the female equivalent is.

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