Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Twitter Twenty: #2 @jonacuff

The top ten tweeters from the twitter twenty takeoff today!

Yep, that's right, in addition to apparently being alliteration week at rollinwithdice the Twitter20 has entered it's final phase.  This week we will get down to the nitty gritty of which feeds I find most enjoyable to follow on a day to day basis.  These are the elite, those who have ascended the pyramid of pith, the brethren of brevity, the sultans of soliloquy....

You get the idea.

See previous weeks entries for more on what the list is about.  For now here's today's newest member of the Twitter20:


First, if you haven't read the Stuff Christian's Like blog, subscribe now.   In the pyramid of great Christian bloggers Jon ranks as the entire country of Egypt.  He has a great understanding of how to balance depth and humor and is smart enough to realize they aren't exclusive properties.  His tweets are routinely hilarious and consistently thought provoking (though sometimes a bit self promotional, but hey it's Twitter).  Also his observations on the Twitter medium itself are keenly interesting, including his assertion that it is silly to complain about someone Tweeting too much (which he does, yep, I went there) because it would be like calling someone and accusing them of using too many words (wait. I think I've done that too.)  Really Jon, think of all the devotional time you've wasted on creating tweets.  #jesusjukeforthewin

Twitter Profile: author of the book/blog Stuff Christians Like which is promised to be Funnier than the Shack

Tweet of the Week: True story. Someone behind me on my flight was playing a pan flute. It was like sitting in front of a beautiful centaur.

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